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Benefits of Laughing

Written by: Sara Plucker, Program Manager at Fitness at SPS Tower | AdvantageHealth

Why did the cheeseburger get a gym membership? He wanted bigger buns.

Why did the cheese go to the gym? It wanted to cheddar couple of pounds.

Did you laugh? Ok, maybe not. But did you know laughing numerous benefits for our mental and physical health from stress relief to immune strengthening benefits? Finding ways to take a laughing break is easy these days with the internet at our fingertips. Search for a funny meme, stand-up comedy set, jokes, or even a sitcom to let your laughter out. So why aren’t we laughing more?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways laughing can benefit you:

Physical Benefits

1. Boosts Immune System: when you laugh you release infection fighting antibodies and neuropeptides that help fight stress.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure: laughing releases endorphins which offset the negative effects of stress hormones and lowers blood pressure as a result.

3. Improves Cardiac Health: laughter brings up your heart rate and the amount of oxygen in your blood, this can enhance your body’s vascular function.

4. Relaxes Muscles: laughing can decrease muscle tension and relax your muscles for up to 45 minutes.

Mental Benefits

1. Helps Fight Depression: laughing as medicine for depression focuses on the mind-body connection, by reaping the physical benefits of laughing you can improve your mood and help fight depression.

2. Makes You Smarter: humor and laughing can increase your ability to make a connection between pieces of information, thus making you smarter!

3. Stress Relief: laughter not only counteracts stress hormones, but it can also make you feel relaxed by first ramping up your heart rate and blood pressure, but then bring it back down leaving you in a state of relaxation.

4. Strengthens Relationships: laughing with friends, family, or coworkers helps form connections resulting in stronger relationships.

Now you know the benefits, check out this video get in your daily dose of laughter:



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