Flu Shots

Flu Shots

Flu spreads every year and there is no way to predict when, how severe or how long it will last. The best protection available is a flu shot.


  • Nursing staff (RNs and LPNs)

  • Quadrivalent Vaccine

  • Supplies

  • Consent forms

  • VIS forms



We’ll handle all the planning and delivery for your clinics, including:

  • A dedicated account team to ensure seamless coordination, scheduling and execution.

  • Staffing licensed nursing personnel trained in providing vaccinations according to our protocols.

  • Coordinating between multiple locations.

  • Providing vaccines for scheduled clinics, maintained following strict cold-chain requirements.

  • Hosting an online scheduling and appointment reminder system for employees.

  • Removing medical waste after the clinic.

  • Providing a final report with number of participants.

  • Marketing and educational materials to help encourage participation.

  • Flu shot vouchers for those who cannot attend in person on the day of your event.

  • Offering both direct billing and insurance billing options.


What to expect when you work with us:

  • Confirming: Once we agree on clinic dates and times, we’ll send you a confirmation email with all details about your event – date, location, start time and duration, and any special requests.

  • Marketing: We provide you with electronic materials to promote your event and spread awareness throughout your organization.

  • Registering: Employees can sign up for an appointment online to optimize their productivity, they will receive an email reminder before their scheduled appointment.

  • Reminding: Three weeks out from your event, we send a reminder email message.

  • One the day of your clinic, our licensed nurses will bring all the supplies required to hold your flu event.

  • Reporting: Upon completion of your events, we’ll provide a final report with number of participants by location.

All you need to provide is a private space for our nurse to work such as a conference room, empty office with a door, or other room that can be closed off.