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Group Exercise

Group Exercise & Activity Clubs

Employees with common fitness goals enjoy doing group exercise together or participating in biking, running, or walking clubs. Led by certified instructors, participants have fun while they build healthy and resilient bodies. 


Most conference rooms or other multi-purpose spaces can be easily transformed into a temporary group fitness space! We will supply you with an experienced, certified and motivating group fitness instructor and promotional materials. Classes can be set up as participant-paid, employer-paid or a combination of both. Classes are based on clients’ available space and equipment. 

Please note this is not an exhaustive list. If you don’t see a class listed that you would like offered at your organization, please inquire and we’ll customize a class just for your group!


We also offer optional registration systems. Let us take care of facilitating your program registration. Telephonic, online and paper-based registration systems available.​

BASIC CLASSES: (View Class Descriptions)

You provide the space; we will provide the motivation and expertise! The classes in this category are classic formats that will be enjoyed by fitness class novices and enthusiasts alike. Classes typically range from 20–60 minutes, but can be customized to accommodate your needs.


SPECIALTY CLASSES: (View Class Descriptions)

The latest trends in the fitness industry can be offered to your employees. These innovative classes are led by certified and experienced instructors and can meet weekly, monthly or for a pre-determined number of sessions.


ACTIVITY CLUBS: (View Club Descriptions)

Finding the motivation to exercise can be difficult for many people. Activity clubs are designed to motivate participants with similar interests and goals, making exercise seem easier and more enjoyable. Plan your organizations activity clubs around seasonal or annual events. Clubs can meet weekly, monthly or for a pre-determined number sessions.

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