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Wellness Seminars

Wellness Seminars & Webinars

AdvantageHealth seminars allow employees to interact with specialists on popular topics. Choose from over 200 seminars that are presented by a variety of health professionals, coordinated to accommodate your schedule and needs. 


Seminars are presented by a wide variety of health professionals, including health educators, registered dieticians, exercise physiologists and ergonomic specialists. We also offer many webinar versions, please inquire if you are interested.


Seminars can be coordinated to accommodate your employees’ schedules. Most seminars are 60 minutes but can be adjusted to fit your timeframe. 

If you don’t see your particular topic of interest listed, please ask us to customize a seminar for you!


We also offer optional registration systems. Let us take care of facilitating your program registration. Telephonic, online and paper-based registration systems available.​



Our Top 10 most popular wellness seminars in 2023: 

  1. A More Balanced You

  2. Building Inclusive Cultures

  3. Emotional Intelligence

  4. Let’s Talk Anxieties

  5. Nourish, Don’t Just Eat

  6. Office Yoga

  7. Relaxxxxxx

  8. Resilience Is Your Superpower: Thriving Through Change and Adversity

  9. Sleep and Our Mental Wellbeing

  10. Take Charge of Your Money


Click on the topic to see all seminars and descriptions within that category. 

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