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Virtual Programming

Virtual Wellness Programming


Let us help you put together an integrated virtual wellness program for your staff.


  • Virtual Personal TrainingOur certified and professional staff are ready to work with your employees to help them feel more focused and energized to reach their fitness goals during this difficult time. We have experience with all levels of fitness, from beginners to seasoned athletes. Participants select from one of our personal trainers that best matches their workout style and goals and work one-on-one with their trainer online via Zoom or phone. (Training sessions are up to 30 minutes)


  • Health & Wellness Coaching: Our health coaches work one-on-one with participants, empowering them to make long-term, healthy changes with physical activity, nutrition, weight management and stress. The 3-6 month program includes bi-monthly online Zoom or phone meetings that build confidence and skills participants can use long past the end of the program. Each session consists of the following topic areas: readiness to change, short-term and long-term goals, motivation, triggers, coping skills and relapse prevention.

  • Comprehensive Nutrition ProgramThis new, personalized-approach nutrition program kicks-off with a group presentation, "Nourish, Don't Just Eat!" to build interest and engagement. Employee participants then choose a downloadable nutrition program filled with videos, articles, and recipes that best fits their needs and interests. Programs were developed by nutritional wellness expert Chef Marshall O'Brien, and his team. He is a regular contributor on Twin Cities Live, Fox9, and he is an author of 6 published books. WHAT'S INCLUDED:

  1. Presentation: "Nourishing vs Eating" webinar or in-person seminar.

  2. Downloadable Program: Individual, self-study program of participant's choice. Options include: Life Improvement, Building Blocks, Getting Through the Year, and Learning About Foods. Downloadable programs include: 5-10 minute videos, 2 page article on the topic, and 10 recipe mini-cookbook with topic specific recipes.

  • Empower12: Twelve months of "Smart Nutrition," developed by Chef Marshall O’Brien, is a program of nutrition, sleep, hydration and physical activity that totally reinvents your employees’ lives. Reach all of your employees with this comprehensive program that includes Chef Marshall’s Smart Nutrition Workbook and Cookbook, plus weekly coaching, tips, recipes, and motivation emailed to participants by Chef Marshall to keep them on track.

  • Immunity Video Series: Organizations are putting together plans to educate their employees about smart actions that they can take to remain healthy. Ensuring that people have a healthy immune system goes a long way in fighting and minimizing the effect of this virus as well as the seasonal flu. Smart Nutrition is the best way to ensure that your immune system is operating at maximum efficiency and better able to fight off viruses that come your way. Our video program includes critical components to help your immune system operate at its peak performance. The three videos are:

    1. Foods for Good Gut Health – 70-80% of your immune system is in your gut.

    2. Foods to Reduce Stress – stress is a major contributor to reducing your immune system.

    3. Foods to Improve your Immune System.

  • S.H.A.P.E. Weight Management Program (12 weeks): This program has one goal: Support Healthy Eating And Promote Exercise! Through a cognitive and behavioral approach, S.H.A.P.E. focuses on increasing knowledge, coping mechanisms and weight management strategies for managing weight for a lifetime. A balanced diet following guidelines set by the American Dietetic Association and the United States Department of Agriculture is promoted. Regular aerobic exercise and strength training is also promoted following guidelines set by the American College of Sports Medicine. Each program is facilitated by a nutrition professional and includes up to a 60-minute weekly meeting consisting of voluntary individual weigh-ins, educational materials and group discussion on a variety of health-related topics. Participants complete a weekly food log which can be reviewed by the program facilitator on a weekly basis. This is one of our most requested programs!

  • Webinars: Most of our AdvantageHealth 200+ seminars can now be offered via webinar. Popular topics include mindfulness, resilience, stress management, clean eating, office yoga, sleep, physical activity and more.

  • Wellness ChallengesIncentive campaigns and wellness challenges are designed to create awareness around healthy behaviors, while providing rewards. Typically 3–12 weeks in length, these powerful programs target risk areas and address total well-being backed by the latest research. Popular challenges include: Stress Less, JustStep!, Resilience Challenge, Superfoods Challenge, Deep Sleep Challenge, 30 Days of Mindfulness and more.

  • Recorded Classes: Did you know that AdvantageHealth has been producing numerous fitness, yoga and health education videos over the last year? And we continue to create new content weekly. This led us to create the AdvantageHealth YouTube channel, where you can access all videos anytime, anywhere for free!


  • Virtual Exercise Programs: We've created AdvantageStart, a 12-week exercise program for beginner to intermediate levels as well as AdvantageStrong, a 6-week intermediate-level exercise program. These exercise programs contain (pre-recorded) 5 workout videos each week (for 6 or 12 weeks) that can be streamed by onsite as well as remote employees. 

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