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Wellness Challenges

Wellness Challenges / Incentive Campaigns

Incentive campaigns & wellness challenges are designed to create awareness around healthy behaviors, while providing rewards. Typically 3–12 weeks in length, these powerful programs target risk areas and address total well-being backed by the latest research. 


Challenges are the perfect way to infuse healthy habits into your worksite, while building engagement, resiliency and even community! 


All programs include everything you need:

  • Customization

  • Tracking card

  • Promotional materials

  • Education materials

  • Follow-up evaluation

  • Optional Registration Systems: Let us take care of facilitating your program registration. Telephonic, online and paper-based registration systems available.​


Our top 5 most popular wellness challenges for 2023: 

  • Whole-Being Bingo

  • Stress Less Challenge

  • Happy 'n Healthy: A Resiliency Challenge

  • Clean Eating Challenge

  • 30 Days of Mindfulness Challenge


Below are just a few of our popular incentive campaigns: 


Power of Play (4 weeks): While play is usually associated with children’s development, it is also beneficial at all stages of life. Play can add joy to life, relieve stress, supercharge learning, and connect you to others and the world around you. Play can also make work more productive and pleasurable. During this challenge, participants learn about the benefits of play, how define what play means to you, how to integrate play at work and beyond. 

Wellness Buddies (4 weeks): This challenge that fosters a sense of community, promotes social connections, and encourages employees to engage in healthy activities together.

Gratitude Challenge (30 days): A 30-day gratitude challenge can be an excellent way to foster a positive and supportive work environment. Encouraging employees to express gratitude can enhance their overall well-being, productivity, and job satisfaction. Over the next 30 days, participants will be encouraged to complete various challenges that represent gratitude. Step it up: Give out journals to participants, schedule a meditation teacher during the month or use one of our guided mediations in this challenge. 

Fight the Fatigue (4 weeks): Fatigue is a common complaint that brings adults to their physicians’ offices, according to Harvard Health Publications. Fortunately, you may be able to change some habits or pick up some new ones that can help your body generate more energy.  During this challenge, participants can try at least 10 out of 14 new techniques every day for 4 weeks to help improve their energy naturally.

Deep Sleep Challenge (3 weeks): During this challenge, participants will track their current sleep habits for the first week to discover how much they are actually sleeping and what habits are helping or hindering them. For the following two weeks, participants can try at least 10 out of 12 new techniques to help improve the quality of their sleep.

Superfood Challenge (3 weeks): Participants will learn what superfoods are as well as include these foods in their diet during the challenge. Participants will also try new recipes, learn how to cook/serve these foods, and discover why these foods are considered “superfoods.”

Whole-being Bingo (3 weeks): Self-Care is what you can do for yourself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to maintain health, treat minor ailments and manage chronic disease. It includes these seven pillars: health literacy, self awareness, physical activity, healthy eating, risk avoidance, good hygiene, and optimal use of products and services. Self-Care Bingo will help you take active steps to improve your overall well-being and healthcare consumerism.

Rethink Your Drink (4 weeks): During this challenge, you will track your current drinking habits for the first week to discover how healthy or unhealthy they are. For the following three weeks, you will learn about the hidden calories and sugars in drinks and how to replace them with healthier drink options. You will be challenged to cut your sugary beverages in half for three weeks.

Stress Less Challenge (7 weeks): Learning the simple techniques presented in this 7 week (or can also be 21-day) challenge will help participants to reduce their stress on the spot. The eight techniques presented in the challenge will allow participants to note their stress level pre and post activity, while allowing each person to determine what works best for him or her.

Happy 'n Healthy: A Resiliency Challenge (21 days): There are proven ways we can improve our moods and raise our levels of happiness and resiliency throughout the day. Each activity listed in this 21-day challenge not only provides a quick boost of positive emotions, improving participants performance and focus in the moment; but if performed habitually over time, each has been shown to help permanently raise participants happiness baselines.

The Great White Challenge (3 weeks): During this challenge, participants will reduce the great white hazards – sugar, white flour, and salt – from their diets over the course of 3 weeks.

The Amazing Race To Wellness (6 or 8 weeks): This program offers participants 3 wellness challenges  to complete each week. Weekly themes include healthy eating, physical activity, social wellness, happiness & joy, stress management and emotional well-being. Answer questions / clues correctly each week for additional points.

Clean Eating Challenge (21 days or 7 weeks): Clean eating is based on enjoying whole foods – fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins instead of pre-packaged, processed foods or fast food. Participants are given one clean eating challenge each day. If they complete 17 out of the 21 challenges, they win!

Wellness Survivor (8 or 12 weeks): Most of us are stuck in a state of simply surviving. Not thriving. Eating on the go, stressing out at work, fueling up on caffeine, sitting in front of the TV at night. Repeat. This challenge will offer participants new opportunities that can turn into healthy habits while participants try to stay on Resilience Island! Choose a new wellness goal each week or stick with the same wellness goal throughout the challenge.

Team Transform (10 weeks): Teams of four compete to earn points based on exercise, proper nutrition, sleep, and other healthy behaviors during. Participants keep track of points on their tracking card each week that can be earned through recreational activity, and exercises such as cardio and strength training.

Total Detox Challenge (4 weeks): During this challenge, participants detox their lives through food, drink, digital consumption, products, relationships and toxic thoughts.

Hold the Holidays (4 weeks): Participants weigh in with their pre-Thanksgiving weight and sign a contract stating that they will practice healthy diet and exercise habits over the holidays. Participants commit to entering the New Year weighing less, the same, or within two pounds of their initial weight. Weigh-ins are then conducted on a weekly basis.

New Year, New You (8 weeks): This program focuses starting the year off stress-free. Each week focuses on goals like sleep, community involvement, organization, nutrition, physical activity, relationships and spiritual health. Participants keep track of goal progress.

Slim Down Challenge (12 weeks): Move over Biggest Loser, there’s a new challenge in town! The goal of this program is losing weight, either as individuals or teams. Each individual or team is weighed confidentially, the total weight is recorded each week, and percent of change is calculated. At the final weigh-in, the greatest percentage wins! You can also offer bonus points for completing a weekly food log, or attending a nutrition seminar or group exercise class.

Deskercise Challenge (4 weeks): Deskercize helps participants increase their movement throughout the day. It includes simple activities that can be done at a desk or in the office to break up activity throughout the day. Moving more throughout the day can help increase energy levels, boost concentration and assist in falling asleep faster. The goal for this program is to strive for improvement and move more each day.

JustStep! (10 weeks): Teams work to accumulate as many steps as they can, through any type of physical activity. A tracking device works best for this program and so wear your Fitbit or other device to keep track of your steps. Can be set up as individual or team-based.

30 Days of Mindfulness (4 weeks): Participants learn simple tasks that they can do every day to be more present in one’s own life. While the primary goal is to encourage a greater sense of feeling present, these tasks also result in a greater feeling of calm, easy, empathy, appreciation, gratitude and balance.

Strong Bodies Basics (3 weeks): This 3-week beginner’s program is simple, effective, and can be done entirely AT HOME! Participants learn two exercises per week that require no special equipment and very little time. The program provides additional support if needed and helps participants stay motivated through an accountability group with other members who are taking the same steps.

The Skyscraper Challenge (6 weeks): This program focuses on climbing six of the tallest buildings in the United States. Participants identify the number of steps in their workplace, and track their steps. Each week focuses on a different building. Prizes can be given out weekly to those who completed the building, and to those who completed all six buildings by the end.

Wellness Bingo (4 weeks): This program is designed for individuals to branch out and try activities that they wouldn’t normally try. It is also a great way to encourage participants to switch up their workout routines. A “bingo” game card is created with various fitness and wellness activities in the squares. Participants receive one stamp for each activity, and a prize for each row completed. Do you have a specific theme or incentive campaign idea for your organization? Let us customize a unique program just for you!

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