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Health Risk Assessments

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

AdvantageHealth utilizes the Personal Wellness Profile™ (PWP) for our health risk assessment. Online and paper formats are available for your population. In less than 15 minutes, the HRA will allow employees to understand their health risks. Group reports and next steps are available for the employer. 


  • Identifies individual and group health risks  

  • Measures change from year to year  

  • Includes health/lifestyle questions & biometric screening section

  • Takes about 10-15 minutes to complete

  • Options: online or paper version  

  • Participants receive personalized overview report

  • Immediate results for online, 1-2 weeks for paper  

  • Group reports, plus consultation to determine “next steps” for the employer 


Personal Wellness Profile™: AdvantageHealth utilizes the Personal Wellness Profile™ (PWP) for our health risk assessment. The purpose of the PWP is to provide the information and motivation necessary for individuals and organizations to assess lifestyle habits and other health-related issues. This tool includes approximately 60 questions, plus the option to add up to 15 customized questions. After completing the questionnaire, participants receive a personalized report detailing their health habits and suggestions for improvement. In addition, group reports are provided for organizations in order to assess high risk areas and measure return-on-investment.


The PWP is available in both online and paper formats (English, Spanish and French-Canadian).

  • Individual reports include:

    • Individual Overview

    • Trend Report


  • Group reports include:

    • Executive Summary Report

    • Productivity & Economic Benefits Report

    • Group Progress Report

    • Participation Report


Upon completion of the group reports, AdvantageHealth will go through the data with the client in order to develop a strategy going forward. This includes identifying the highest risks of the group and programming to target these risks. ​​In addition, the group reports will show trending data and can be used as a way to measure effectiveness of the wellness program.

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