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Employee Wellbeing Solutions

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EWS Overview

Employee Wellbeing Solutions

Since 2001, Minnesota-based AdvantageHealth has been delivering award-winning wellness programs to over 250 clients throughout the U.S.  

CONTACT US to discover how we can serve your specific needs.

Kristine Keykal, MPH, CEO of AdvantageHealth, possesses over 25 years of experience in wellness program design, and works directly with every client pursuing employee wellbeing solutions from one time interventions to fully comprehensive programming.


Not sure where to start? Program consulting or our signature Path to Wellbeing are quite popular, or simply contact us for a consultation. We are also offering many virtual employee wellbeing programs.


In additional to all of the comprehensive employee wellness solutions we offer, we can also offer these time saving solutions to every program:

Registration Systems: Let us take care of facilitating your program registration. Telephonic, online and paper-based registration systems available.

Administrative Services: Short on time? We can take care of the administrative tasks associated with your wellness program, such as incentive point tallying, data entry, communication and coordination. We can also take care of processing personal health information for your employees in order to be compliant with employer privacy guidelines.

Branding, Design & Marketing Services. If you do not have an internal marketing and advertising department, let us help you create the design and packaging that best promotes your employee wellness services. We know how to skillfully grab attention to inform, educate, and inspire to ultimately increase your program participation. 


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Markets We Serve


AdvantageHealth Corporation has worked in 25 states to date.

We provide employee well-being programs and services throughout the continental U.S. and have worked with 250 companies and counting over the last two decades.

CONTACT US to discover how we can serve your needs within your market.

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