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AdvantageNourish: Group Coaching

Starts May 9, 2022 | Virtual coaching program

Coaching Overview: Participants learn how to truly nourish their bodies, improve their energy, and manage their weight through the power of clean, intuitive eating from our experienced Wellness Coach, Paula Steenrod, MPH. Our group and one-on-one wellness coaching programs are open to everyone, anywhere since it's virtual.


Topics covered during the sessions include: Readiness to change, short-term and long-term goals, motivation, triggers and coping skills.

Our group coaching dynamic allows for motivation and accountability in a fun, team-like atmosphere as a group of like-minded individuals work on achieving similar wellness goals. This program is designed to create a spark for behavior change and to empower participants to take the next step!


Program Details: $79 

Two-week virtual program includes:

  • Three (3), 60-minute group Zoom calls with wellness coach

    • Recorded for those who can't attend the live Zoom calls.

  • Four (4),10-minute recorded videos from wellness coach

    • Provides additional accountability, motivation, education, and problem-solving.

  • Private, HIPPA-compliant coaching portal, food journal, exit survey, and tracking reports. 


Choose 4 or 10 sessions | Virtual coaching program

Coaching Overview: Choose between a comprehensive 10-session or a 4-session wellness coaching package. Both options provide individualized support for your holistic wellness journey - focusing on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. AdvantageHealth Wellness Coaches help participants set and reach wellness goals that are relevant and meaningful to you and result in lasting behavior change. Our group and one-on-one wellness coaching programs are open to everyone, anywhere since it's virtual.

Our wellness coaches can cover topics including: Nutrition, weight management, stress management & mental wellbeing, physical activity, goal-setting, time management, mindfulness, sleep and more!


Wellness Coaching Web Portal & App​

  • Private, HIPPA-compliant coaching portal

  • Mobile app for ease of use