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Virtual Employee Fitness Programs

Written by: Kristine Keykal, M.P.H. | Co-Founder & CEO of AdvantageHealth

Fitness Programs to Keep Employees Strong & Healthy During COVID

AdvantageHealth offers two excellent fitness-based programs that are ideal for both onsite employees and remote/at-home employees (and very fitting during the COVID pandemic).

Purchase one program by 8/31/20 and receive 10% OFF.

Better yet, purchase both programs by 8/31/20 and receive 15% OFF!

You can implement the program anytime within the next 12 months.


STRONG BODY BASICS: 3-Week At Home Fitness Program | Beginner

Ideal for those who are beginners or haven't exercised for a long period of time. This 3-week beginner’s program is simple, effective, and can be done entirely AT HOME! Participants can also have their spouse, children, roommates participate as well! Learn two new exercises per week that require no special equipment and very little time. Receive motivation and accountability from our staff and other other members who are taking the same steps as you!


  • The 3-week challenge includes 3 workouts per week, and includes weekly emails and two new exercises per week.


DESKERCISE: 4-Week At Work Fitness Challenge | All levels

Ideal for all fitness levels. This program is designed to increase movement and activity throughout the work day. Participants receive weekly exercises, activities, and stretches (with pictures) that can be done anywhere (no equipment required). Participants will walk away from this program with new exercises to add into their workday and a renewed sense of motivation.  Duration & Points:

  • The 4-week challenge will offer 8 short activities per day (5 days per week). The 8 activities are meant to be done during your work day. And can be done in any order.

  • Participate in as many activities as possible to maximize you daily activity and point total.


Plan Your Fall 2020 Virtual Employee Wellness Programming

AdvantageHealth is also offering many virtual employee wellbeing programs to keep your workforce healthy and strong while working remotely during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. Let us help you put together an integrated virtual wellness program for your staff. Programming options include:


Learn More or Get Started:

Email Kristine Keykal at to get started or call 612.823.4470 (select option “1”).

Since 2001, Minnesota-based AdvantageHealth has been delivering award-winning employee wellbeing programs and fitness center design & management throughout the U.S.

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