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Prioritizing Mental Health: How Companies Can Support Mental Health Month

Updated: May 14

Written by: Kristine Keykal, M.P.H. | Co-Founder & CEO of AdvantageHealth

May is Mental Health Month, a time to raise awareness and promote mental wellbeing. In today's fast-paced and often demanding work environments, prioritizing mental health is more crucial than ever. Companies play a pivotal role in fostering a culture of support and understanding around mental health issues. Here are some strategies that businesses can implement to promote mental health not just in May, but throughout the year.

1. Normalize Conversations About Mental Health

Encourage open dialogue about mental health by creating safe spaces for employees to share their experiences without fear of stigma or judgment. Host workshops, seminars, or lunch-and-learns to educate employees about mental health, destigmatize common misconceptions, and provide resources for support. See AdvantageHealth's webinars/seminars on Mental Health.

2. Offer Mental Health Benefits

Provide comprehensive mental health benefits as part of your employee wellness program. This may include access to counseling services, therapy sessions, or mental health apps. Ensure that employees are aware of these resources and know how to access them confidentially.

3. Flexible Work Arrangements

Acknowledge the importance of work-life balance in maintaining good mental health. Offer flexible work arrangements such as remote work options, flexible hours, or compressed workweeks. Empower employees to prioritize their wellbeing by accommodating their individual needs and responsibilities outside of work.

4. Promote Work-Life Balance

Encourage employees to take regular breaks, use their vacation time, and disconnect from work outside of office hours. Lead by example by respecting boundaries and refraining from sending non-urgent emails or messages during evenings and weekends.

5. Implement Mental Health Training for Managers

Equip managers with the tools and training to recognize signs of mental distress, provide support, and refer employees to appropriate resources. Foster a culture of empathy and understanding among leadership to ensure that employees feel supported and valued. AdvantageHealth now offers a Mental Health First Aid Training for Worksites.

6. Foster a Positive Work Environment

Create a workplace culture that prioritizes psychological safety, inclusion, and belonging. Recognize and celebrate achievements, promote teamwork and collaboration, and address any instances of harassment or discrimination promptly and effectively.

7. Encourage Self-Care Practices

Promote self-care practices such as mindfulness, exercise, and stress management techniques. Provide wellness resources and incentives to encourage employees to prioritize their physical and mental well-being both inside and outside of the workplace.

Want to bring more mindfulness-based programs to your workplace? AdvantageHealth offers many webinars/seminars on mindfulness as well as Mindful Wellness Challenges/Incentive Programs. Our 30 Days of Mindfulness (4 weeks) incentive program is very popular.

8. Lead by Example

Demonstrate organizational commitment to mental health by prioritizing employee well-being at all levels of the company. Senior leadership should champion mental health initiatives, allocate resources, and actively participate in promoting a culture of support and understanding.


Promoting mental health in the workplace is not just a responsibility; it's an opportunity to create a healthier, more resilient workforce. By normalizing conversations about mental health, offering comprehensive benefits, fostering a positive work environment, and leading by example, companies can support their employees' well-being and contribute to a culture of care and compassion. Let Mental Health Month be a catalyst for ongoing efforts to prioritize mental health in the workplace and beyond.

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