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Monthly Microlearning: October 2023

By: AdvantageHealth Corporation

Employee Wellness Programs: 2024 and Q1 Strategy

It's almost November. Now is the time to strategically plan out your 2024 wellness program, and create your annual Operating Plan that clearly identifies your vision, goals and objectives. You will also want to finalize the details of your Q1 programming for your worksite.

Not sure how to plan your 2024 wellness program? Take into consideration your aggregated results from your annual workplace's biometric screenings, Health Risk Assessments (HRAs), and your needs and interest surveys. What trends are you seeing? What chronic conditions are on the rise? Is your insurance indicating that work-related injuries are on the rise? Is your EAP indicating that mental health issues on the rise?

Plan out your program to strategically support these health issues. Think health education webinars/seminars, online health education programs for specific conditions, wellness challenges, onsite fitness classes, and wellness coaching (live/phone/web).

Also, determine how leadership is going to support the health and wellness goals for your organization.

Lastly, be sure to consider how you will market and promote your wellness programming. Are you starting your promotions at least 4-6 weeks ahead of time?

We offer consulting to help you plan out your 2024 programming as well as marketing support.

We also just launched 2024 Year of Wellbeing, if you're in need of a simple yet effective wellness program for your worksite.


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Schedule A Consultation

Email Kristine at to get started or call 612.823.4470 (select option “1”).

Let Kristine Keykal, M.P.H, co-founder of AdvantageHealth with over 20 years of experience, consult with you on your employee wellness program.

Since 2001, Minnesota-based AdvantageHealth has been delivering award-winning employee wellbeing programs and fitness center design & management throughout the U.S.

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