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Best Practices for Wellness Webinars & Seminars

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Written by: Dana Wisniewski, M.S. | Marketing Manager at AdvantageHealth

Wellness Webinars/Seminars

With over 200 seminar options, AdvantageHealth Corporation offers an extensive variety of topics. We can also create a webinar/seminar to meet your needs and interests.  Webinars/Seminars are presented by a wide variety of health professionals, including health educators, registered dieticians, exercise physiologists and ergonomic specialists.  Webinars/Seminars can be coordinated to accommodate your employees' schedules. Most seminars are 60 minutes but can be adjusted to fit your timeframe.

Best Practices for Wellness Webinars/Seminars 1. Base Your Wellness Seminars on your Employees' Needs & Interests as well as your Strategic Goals defined in your Operating Plan.  Review the annual aggregate data from HRAs, employee needs and interest surveys and biometric screening results. What are the 3 - 6 areas that need improvement? Offering seminars every other month or once per quarter, will allow for a variety of topics and a schedule employees can look forward to. Also, make sure the wellness seminars align with your strategic goals that you have outlined in your annual operating plan.

2. Use Wellness Seminars to Kick-off Wellness Challenges / Incentive Campaigns Instead of implementing a "one and done" approach, create an integrative approach. For example, if you are focusing on nutrition, you could roll out a "Clean Eating" Wellness Seminar followed by an 8-week "Clean Eating Challenge."  You can also infuse a few more wellness seminars throughout the challenge to increase motivation and accountability for continuing the challenge.  Another approach would be to offer a wellness seminar followed by individual lifestyle coaching or an 8-week onsite group fitness class. An example would be, a "Managing Stress Naturally" seminar followed by one-on-one phone-based lifestyle coaching that focuses on nutrition, exercise and other methods of handling stress naturally. Seminars are a great way to kick off a larger wellness program, challenge or fitness class! 3. Survey Your Staff Ask them which day, time and topic most appeals to them . You can also ask if they prefer a live seminar or a pre-recorded webinar that they can watch at their convenience .   You may want to consider catering lunch or offering affordable WELCOA books for those who attend to increase participation and excitement.  4. Don't Forget the Evaluation Survey Make sure you send out a short evaluation (within 24 hours) to the participants asking them about the convenience of the location, time, and day, the knowledge of the presenter, the quality of the presentation, changes in knowledge, beliefs, etc after the presentation. 

AdvantageHealth offers over 200 wellness seminars that can be implemented live or virtually at your worksite. View wellness seminars here.


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