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Improving Your At-Home Gym Before the Holidays

Written by: Alyssa Lokensgard, Program Manager Capella Tower Health Club | AdvantageHealth

The holidays are almost here, and with less daylight and colder temperatures, we see an increase in inside and at-home workouts. Braving the cold weather is one thing, but what equipment will best suit your at-home gym for the season?

The exercise machines you see in the gym isn’t always the cheapest or space effective choice for an at home gym. Here are some options of equipment that can help benefit your at-home workout experience:

Note: All equipment comes at a cost & requires proper skill & technique.

1. Kettle Bells. Kettle bells are very versatile in weight and offer many options a Dumbbell might not.

2. Resistance bands. There are two types of resistance bands that can benefit you, long bands and short mini bands. Long Bands: This piece of equipment offers many ways to include resistance training while testing your strength. Short Mini Bands: These bands also offer many ways to activate all muscles from little to big.

3. Medicine Balls. For a lower cost, Medicine balls offer many ways to engage your full body in a cardio workout while testing your endurance.

4. Free Weights. A classic, free weights add to your body weight while crushing a strength workout. These weights make it easy to incorporate multiple different exercises.

5. Step & Risers. Adding a step & risers to your workout routine helps increase your Vo2 Max by targeting your cardiovascular training. These are a great tool to increase your heart rate and find creative group fitness classes.



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