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Wellness Portals

Customized Wellness Portals

Wellness portals offer employees a confidential place to log health and fitness information, learn about wellness topics, interact with other employees in a motivating way, as well as allow for back-end reporting. Portals also allow us to manage wellness challenges at geographically diverse populations.

AdvantageHealth offers two wellness portal options based on our client’s needs and budgets, one that is more economical and one that is more robust.

Platform #1: ECONOMICAL

We’ve combined the essential components of a successful wellness program into one convenient online package. You can personalize your messaging and branding throughout the portal in a several ways. Upload a custom banner to appear on every web page, or customize the welcome and company information text on the portal home page to describe your specific program. You can also post calendar events, general announcements, and private messages for your participants. And you can include custom messaging on participant reports such as counselor notes, corporate logos and taglines, and web links.


Our engaging, easy-to-use portal also features:

  • My Health Tools: One-click access to our health assessment.

  • Healthy Living Guidelines™ streaming videos, online interventions and biometrics.

  • Wellness Score: A participant’s most recent health score, prominently displayed every time they access the portal.

  • Announcements and Messages: A place for you to post information about upcoming events, and communicate with participates individually or via group announcements.

  • Weekly Health News: Displays a new easy-to-read, health-related article every week.

  • Daily To-Do List: Reminds participants of the top seven things they can do daily to enjoy good health.

  • Calendar: Keeps participants up to date on wellness events and deadlines.

  • Brand the Portal with your organization’s custom colors, logo, and messaging. 

  • Enable or disable features you want your participants to see.


Platform #2: ROBUST

The platform is easy to set up and operate with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Every part of the program can be customized—we help you design a program that fits. Want to make changes? We can adjust your program in minutes.


Employees can participate in gamified, company-wide challenges and can also pick their own personal challenges. Comprehensive and clear reporting helps you easily analyze claims data.

  • Flexible: program has over 200 fun, flexible wellness challenges, with something for everybody – guaranteed.

  • Holistic: health assessment that addresses the entire person: emotional, financial, occupational, social, and physical well-being, along with the one thing that ties everything together: purpose.

  • Free Coaching: free unlimited health coaching – for employees AND their families.

  • Tracking Capabilities: track points/results via the online portal, mobile app, text messaging, or wearable device.

  • Rewards: users can develop their own criteria to meet goals and choose from a range of meaningful rewards.

  • Biometrics: Integration of biometrics for an outcomes-based program.


With our recommended portal, you can add any of the following features to customize it according to your needs:

Personal Wellness Profile™: AdvantageHealth utilizes the Personal Wellness Profile™ (PWP) for our health risk assessment. The purpose of the PWP is to provide the information and motivation necessary for individuals and organizations to assess lifestyle habits and other health-related issues. This tool includes approximately 60 questions, plus the option to add up to 15 customized questions. After completing the questionnaire, participants receive a personalized report detailing their health habits and suggestions for improvement. In addition, group reports are provided for organizations in order to assess high risk areas and measure return-on-investment. The PWP is available in both online and paper formats (English, Spanish and French-Canadian).

Online Wellness Programs: 10-12 week programs. Modules available: stress/resiliency, alcohol management, nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation and more!

View/Print Wellness Portal Flyer

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