Financial Wellness

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Achieving the Lifestyle of Your Dreams during Retirement: In this seminar we will look at retirement in stages. We will discuss choosing a retirement community and relocation issues, how to adjust your retirement dream due to health or financial concerns, and the ever-challenges family dynamics that occur.

Advance Directives: Join us to learn more about Health Care Directives and how to plan for unforeseen incapacity. We will also discuss what to do with “untitled property,” how to avoid family discord, and creating ethical wills.

Cost-Cutting Ideas for Families – WEBINAR ONLY: Times are tight, not just financially, but also in the amount of time we have to implement new strategies. When you add children into the mix it’s a whole new equation. Join us as we explore real-life, practical tips to survive and protect your family during times of financial strain. Learn from others in the same situation and share your own ideas.

Early Plans Reduce College Tuition Fears (for parents of children 0-8th grade): Designed for parents of infants through middle school, this class will take a look at the four ways to pay for education. One of these, savings and investments, has a confusing array of options and we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the most popular ways to save for education. A simple change in thinking may allow you to turn diapers into tuition dollars. After this class, smart parents may have a better chance to qualify for financial aid and take advantage of tax savings options to help pay for their children’s education.

Estate Planning – Securing your Wishes for the Future: Every adult needs estate planning to protect their assets, their children, their spouse or partner, and their wishes. Death is not the only event to plan for with legal documents. It is critical to have a Power of Attorney and a Health Care Directive “Living Will” in place for protection in the event of incapacitation – the temporary or permanent inability to make decisions. In this presentation you will receive information about estate planning and answers to y our questions and concerns.

Financial Survival on a Reduced Income: Come to this workshop to gain a few tips on getting through tough economic times. Many people are facing challenges on trying to live with the income they have. We will go over tips and ideas on living within your means and how to make ends meet on a limited budget. Outcomes: After attending this seminar, you will learn how to create a realistic spending plan, find ways to track expenses, find ways to create savings, and learn how to build good credit.

Getting Your Budget On Track For the New Year: Do you feel stretched to the limit financially? Make your goals a reality in the New Year. Come and discover how to set attainable goals, formulate workable budgets and financial success. Gain basic planning skills and help your New Year’s resolutions come true.

Got Goals? We will begin by guiding you through a process to set your financial goals and measure your progress. If you have set New Years’ resolutions which have not worked out . . . do not worry. The past does not equal the future. You will learn how to plan for your retirement, college expenses, travel, and any dream you have. You will finish this workshop with a firm foundation of realistic goals and the specifics to successfully plan your own financial future.

Is Your Budget Broke? Are your family finances causing you stress? Does your budget feel out of control because of unexpected car repairs, braces for the kids, or a spendthrift spouse? In this session you will learn a proven alternative to outdated budgeting systems. You will plan and design your own budget built around how you actually spend your money. We will also show you how to teach your kids this valuable lifelong skill. (Past attendees say this session alone helped reduce the stress at home with their teens.)

Let Your Budget Inspire You! Whether or not your income has changed or been reduced, have your expenses stayed the same? This workshop will help you create a detailed monthly budget, help you figure out how to adjust your budget, share tools and tips for controlling spending and making wise choices about your money, figure out how to prioritize your debts, discuss spending choices and decisions, and share resources. Come prepared to create a budget using your income and general expense figures (bring them with you if you want!). Bring a calculator.

Paying for College – The Financial Aid & Tax Credit Maze (for parents of 9th-12th graders): Designed for parents of high school and college students, this class will help you better understand how college financial aid is calculated and smart moves you may be able to take to improve your chances of receiving aid. In addition, we will look at the tax credits and tax deductions available to college students and their families. Get every penny you qualify for!

Ready for Retirement – Is It All About the Money? Google “preparing for retirement” and you will be inundated with sites that encourage you to get your financial house in order. (And we offer Community Ed classes that help you with that!) But what else are you thinking about? What’s on your “when I retire, I want to…” list? If you’ve taken Life Reimagined, you’ve started thinking about the next chapter in your life. This class will help you identify other aspects of retirement beyond financial planning that you may want to consider as you approach retirement.

Successful Credit Management: There is a lot of information about credit and it can be hard to sort out fact from myth. We give you a general understanding of how credit works and why it’s important today, about credit bureaus, reports and scores and how you can keep your credit history and score looking good and working for you. Or how to improve both!

Successful Money Management: Are you living paycheck to paycheck, having difficulty saving for that “rainy day” or just want to brush up on your money management skills? Whether you have no financial plan or have a strong money management system, this seminar provides information to become and remain a successful money manager. We will discuss topics such as tips to creating a successful spending plan (and sticking to it!), benefits to tracking expenses, traditional expense guidelines, and the value of knowing your own weakness.

Tips for Twosomes: Do you need to learn communication strategies to help you talk about money with your significant other, or help you identify communication gaps and ways to overcome them for better communication?   This class is about practical communication tips applied to talking about money.

You Can Become Debt-Free in 7 Years or Less: In society today, living with debt is considered “the norm”. If you are frustrated paying 19% interest on your credit cards, and tired of waiting 30 years to pay off your mortgage . . . this presentation has the solution. Most families can become debt-free, including their mortgage, in 7 years or less. Come and learn how to become free of your burden of debt forever.

Your Money Personality – Engage it for Mental Wealth and Prosperity Now: Who isn’t stressed out financially during these challenging economic times? Have you ever fought the “battle of the splurge” – and the splurge won? If so, it’s time to get to know the money rascals. They can come to the rescue and help you figure out what makes you tick financially. You’ll get simple yet powerful tips and tools to help you separate emotions that sabotage your best efforts from those that bring success and prosperity. You’ll learn how to:

  • Claim and tame your dominant money personalities and have fun doing it
  • Interpret memories or emotions that may be driving your habits
  • Create new motivations for spending that follow your deepest values
  • Gain confidence about your money past, present, and future life