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Tips for an Active Vacation

Written by: Margaret Frisbie, Program Manager | AdvantageHealth

With warm weather fast approaching and the world slowly opening back up, summer vacations are upon us. Whether you’re traveling to a cabin up north or spending a week on the beach in Florida, you can still find ways to incorporate exercise into your get-a-way. Below are four tips for staying active while you’re away!

1. Be realistic

Although it is possible to maintain your fitness routine while on the road, it is important to be realistic and realize your workouts will not be 100% while you’re away. Set a goal to stay active, but don’t be disappointed if you’re not able to keep up with your at-home routine.

*Fit Tip: Consider packing a resistance band or jump rope. They are light weight and ideal for packing into your luggage. Use a beach or bath towel as a yoga mat. What other ways can you get creative with your workout?

2. Explore the city on foot

Skip the trains, trollies and taxis and opt to use your walking shoes instead! Exploring the city on foot not only helps you get extra steps in but allows you to see parts of the city you may miss if you’re underground on a subway.

*Fit Tip: Don't forget to pack comfortable walking/running shoes.

3. Discover new gyms

If you’re really itching to get in a proper gym workout, do some research on gyms at your destination that offer free trials. Often you can buy a day-pass for a local gym or get a one-week free trial to help you stay active on your trip.

4. Consider our YouTube Channel

We have plenty of videos that do not require any exercise equipment and can easily be done in a hotel room or outdoors. AdvantageHealth on YouTube.

Although vacations are often thought of as a time to refresh and recharge, there are simple ways you can stay active while you’re away like those listed above!


Since 2001, Minnesota-based AdvantageHealth has been delivering award-winning employee wellbeing programs and fitness center design & management throughout the U.S.

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