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The Power of Employee Wellness Programs for Schools and School Districts in 2023

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Written by: Dana Wisniewski, MS | Health Promotion Manager | AdvantageHealth Corporation

In the demanding world of education, the wellbeing of teachers and staff often takes a back seat to the pressing needs of students. However, recognizing and prioritizing the health and wellness of school employees can have a profound impact on the entire educational ecosystem. Employee wellness programs, when implemented effectively, bring a host of benefits that not only enhance the lives of educators but also contribute to the overall success of schools and school districts.

1. Improved Job Satisfaction and Morale: Teachers and staff who feel supported in their wellbeing are more likely to experience higher job satisfaction and morale. Employee wellness programs send a clear message that the organization values its workforce, leading to increased loyalty, engagement, and a positive work environment. When educators are content and motivated, they can provide better learning experiences for students.

2. Enhanced Performance and Productivity: Wellness initiatives that encompass physical activity, mental health support, and stress management can directly contribute to improved performance and productivity. When employees are physically healthy and mentally resilient, they are better equipped to handle the challenges that come with their roles. This, in turn, leads to more effective teaching, administrative work, and overall operational efficiency.

3. Reduced Absenteeism and Turnover: A robust employee wellness program can lead to reduced absenteeism due to illness and burnout. When teachers and staff are taking care of their health, they are less likely to fall ill frequently. Moreover, a positive workplace environment fosters loyalty and reduces turnover rates. This stability provides consistency in teaching and administrative roles, benefiting both staff and students.

4. Positive Role Modeling for Students: Educators serve as role models for students in many aspects of life, including wellbeing. When students witness their teachers and school staff prioritizing their health, they are more likely to internalize the importance of self-care. This can lead to a generation of young individuals who value wellness and incorporate healthy habits into their lives.

5. Enhanced Collaboration and Communication: Wellness programs often involve group activities and opportunities for social interaction. These activities can facilitate better communication and collaboration among school staff. When employees bond over shared wellness goals and experiences, it can break down barriers and create a stronger sense of community within the school or district.

6. Cost Savings: While implementing an employee wellness program requires an initial investment, the long-term cost savings can be significant. Healthier employees mean fewer medical expenses and insurance claims. Additionally, reduced absenteeism and turnover lead to savings associated with recruitment, training, and substitute teachers.

7. Improved School Culture: A focus on employee wellness contributes to the creation of a positive and supportive school culture. This culture extends beyond teachers and staff and impacts students, parents, and the broader community. A school district that prioritizes wellbeing becomes an attractive destination for both educators and families, enhancing its reputation.

Employee wellness programs are a win-win strategy for schools and school districts. By investing in the health and well-being of teachers and staff, educational institutions can foster a positive work environment, improve job satisfaction, enhance performance, and create a culture that benefits everyone involved. The ripple effects of these initiatives extend far beyond the school walls, shaping the future by nurturing the individuals who shape young minds.

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Year-End Program Evaluation and Report.

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Dana Wisniewski, MS, has worked with AdvantageHealth for 12 years. From designing wellness programs for CO's largest school district with over 12,000 employees to health coaching one-on-one, she specializes in cultivating a healthy, thriving workplace. She holds certifications in yoga teacher training, mediation teacher training, personal training and wellness coaching and has published three books.

Since 2001, Minnesota-based AdvantageHealth has been delivering award-winning employee wellbeing programs and fitness center design & management throughout the U.S.

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