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State Breastfeeding Laws

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Written by: Emily Vanderhoff, Fitness Center Intern, AdvantageHealth at City Center | AdvantageHealth

For many people, breastfeeding is a crucial part of raising an infant, and they need to feed their baby no matter where they are. Fortunately, there have been several state laws put into place that allows more breastfeeding freedom for mothers. It is important to know your rights as a breastfeeding mother, so here is a list of some laws to be aware of regarding breastfeeding.

1. Public Breastfeeding

All 50 states have laws that specifically allow women to breastfeed in any public or private location. This became a law in 2018 with Idaho and Utah being the last states to legalize breastfeeding in public.

2. Public Indecency Laws

31 states, including Minnesota and Wisconsin, exempt breastfeeding from public indecency laws. If you live in one of these 31 states, you can assume the law does not require you to cover up while breastfeeding.

3. Breastfeeding in the Workplace

32 states, including Minnesota, have laws related to breastfeeding in the workplace. Examples of workplace breastfeeding laws include allowing breastfeeding women a reasonable break time for milk expression or adding a private room for breastfeeding other than a bathroom. Not only are private breastfeeding rooms becoming more accessible in office buildings, but you may even find one at your local Target or Walmart.

4. Breastfeeding Awareness Campaigns

6 states and Puerto Rico have implemented or encouraged the development of a breastfeeding awareness education campaign. Minnesota has established the Minnesota WIC (women, infants, and children) Program, which provides pregnant women, mothers, and young children with nutrition and other health services. Other states have implemented similar programs.


For more information on state-specific breastfeeding laws, click the link below.


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