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Fitness Center Design & Management

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Written by: Mike Olson, M.S. | Co-Founder & President of AdvantageHealth

Envisioning a new FITNESS CENTER or providing new MANAGEMENT for your club in 2021? Read on!

AdvantageHealth. Your one-stop-shop for fitness centers.

For the past two decades, AdvantageHealth has been delivering fitness center design, management and consulting services to some of the largest real estate firms and Fortune 500 clients in the U.S.

We currently manage fitness centers in the largest multi-tenant buildings in the Midwest (outside of Chicago), and possess the expertise and dedication to offer outstanding service. From fitness center design and equipment selections to finding the degreed and certified staff to marketing innovative programming that engages all levels and populations in the workforce, we are ready.

Capturing Your Vision: Fitness Center Design, Planning & Consulting.

AdvantageHealth can take you from conceptualization and visioning to the grand opening and beyond with continued staffing and management. AdvantageHealth provides:

  • Consultation and planning

  • Fitness center design and layout

  • Fitness equipment selection, layout, and installation

  • Marketing strategies and promotion

  • Policies and procedures development

  • Participant enrollment, medical release, and consent forms

  • Membership sales, billing, and tracking

  • Annual operating plan and program table

Stress Less: Fitness Center Staffing & Management.

AdvantageHealth provides degreed, certified, and experienced fitness staff to motivate and educate fitness center members. Our staff can lead group exercise classes, assist members with workout routines, conduct fitness screenings, personal train, and facilitate new member orientations and paperwork.

  • Fitness and wellness program administration

  • Employee orientations on equipment and facility

  • Personal training (one-on-one) or small group fitness training (two to four participants)

  • Staffing and supervision of fitness facility

  • Analysis of facility utilization and program participation

  • Third party vendor set-up and management (i.e. towel service, equipment maintenance)

  • Virtual fitness training and fitness classes

Powerful Programming: Fitness Center Wellness Offerings.

If you are looking to increase motivation and accountability to retain existing fitness center members, wellness programs such as group fitness classes (yoga, boot camps, and more), wellness challenges and incentive campaigns, and activity clubs (like biking club) are a necessary component. AdvantageHealth can offer:

  • Motivational incentive campaigns / wellness challenges

  • Group fitness classes and activity clubs

  • Health education and resource library development

  • Analysis and evaluation of program participation

  • Virtual wellness challenges, health education and webinars


Learn More or Get Started:

Email Mike Olson at to get started or call 612.823.4470 (select option “2”).

Since 2001, Minnesota-based AdvantageHealth has been delivering award-winning employee wellbeing programs and fitness center design & management throughout the U.S.

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