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February: National Snack Food Month

Updated: May 19, 2020

Written by TJ Prall, Fitness Specialist at Fitness at SPS Tower (AdvantageHealth)

Everyone has their own definition of snacks whether it is candy bars, chips or healthier options like carrot sticks and hummus or nuts. Snacks are a great way to curb your appetite until meal time rolls around to keep you from over eating at meal time.

  1. Not much for eating an actual meal? Then choosing healthy snacks could be the way to keep your metabolism up, maintaining a healthy weight to keep a healthy weight. Remember to choose healthy snacks which leads to the next point…

  2. Live a little, snacking does not need to be boring! Make your own trail mix which includes nuts and seeds but also throw in some dark chocolate chips and unsweetened or freeze dried fruits!

  3. Home made snacks can be a homerun when done right. There are many recipes for easy granola bars.

  4. Eating unhealthy snacks can be acceptable, but being mindful of how much and how often is key. If chips are your thing, instead of eating them straight from the bag, portion control by putting them in a bowl. If you want some candy, try a mini version. Whatever your craving, find a way to have a small portion to calm the craving, instead of overindulging.

Convenient AND healthy snack foods

  • Pre-packaged or home made hard boiled eggs

  • Pre-packaged peanuts or any variety of nuts

  • Pre-packaged apple slices, carrot sticks, celery sticks

  • Single serve nut butter packets

  • Guacamole and hummus cups

  • Jerky and sticks in a variety of meats

  • Individual “oatmeal, granola, or pancake in a cup”

  • Dairy and dairy free yogurt cups

  • Fruits and veggies can always be cut and packaged up at home which saves money

  • Protein smoothies

  • Snack packs of dried legumes like chickpea snacks that have a variety of flavors

  • Granola bars made at home or bought in a store



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