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Hennepin County MN Wellness Services

AdvantageHealth has been providing wellness services for Hennepin County, which is the largest county in Minnesota, since 2006. As a part of HealthWorks, the County’s employee wellness program, AdvantageHealth is contracted to provide a variety of wellness services for their employees, spouses and retirees.


In 2015, this included:

  • Online Health Assessment Participants = 7,508

  • Biometric Screening Participants = 1,396

  • Biometric Screening Events = 25 (held in August and September 2015)

  • Screenings included: Total Cholesterol, HDL, Glucose, Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure and Bone Density

  • Data management and reporting for the County’s health insurance incentive program

  • Wellness Seminars = 17 seminars offered at Hennepin County worksites on heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol and fitness apps


"Each fall, AdvantageHealth provides on-site biometric screening services at many county buildings (23 sites in 2015). Customer service is always outstanding as AdvantageHealth respects each employee as a unique individual regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or language. AdvantageHealth’s reliability and professionalism is top-notch."

Jill H., HealthWorks Manager – Hennepin County

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