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Advanced Strength Training: Once the basics of strength training have been mastered, it is time to move on to the next level. Participants will learn how to get more out of their strength-training program by varying both the elements in an individual workout and the types of workouts performed during the week. Aspects of advanced strength training such as changing the order of exercises, trying new exercises, controlling recovery time, and using other training variations that will lead to greater muscle strength, size, and power.

Athletic Injury Prevention: The number of sports activities available for children and adults seems to be growing at a rapid pace. The good news is that participating in sports isn’t just fun; it can also develop fitness and coordination. The bad news is that with any sport, injuries can happen. Participants will learn how proper conditioning and safety precautions can limit injuries and improve performance.

Biking 101: Bicycling combines exercise, transportation, and fun all into one activity.   It is a healthy activity that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Before a new rider can gain the physical, social and mental benefits of cycling, they need to learn the rules of the road and the basic components of their bike. The beginning bicycle enthusiast will learn about bicycle maintenance and repair (ex. how to change a flat tire), basic riding skills and traffic laws.

Exercise – One Step at a Time: Have you been battling the “Monday I’ll start my exercise routine…” syndrome for too long now? For some of us, an exercise program is a very difficult task to start and maintain. This seminar is designed for the novice exerciser and will teach no-fail ways to incorporate exercise into your daily activities – one step at a time.

Fitness Walking: It’s no wonder why walking is America’s #1 physical fitness activity. Walking is the one activity that is (1) easy on the joints, (2) free, (3) requires only a good pair of athletic shoes, and (3) can be done by virtually everyone, everywhere. This seminar will cover proper walking form, technique and how to improve your fitness level through walking workouts.

Get Off the Couch – How to Train for your First 5K: Have you ever wanted to walk/run a 5K? If so, come learn how! Participants will be introduced to various training plans, how to properly warm up and stretch, how to select appropriate running shoes/attire and how to stay motivated.

How To Stay Fit While You Sit: This class is designed for people who sit at a desk or computer all day. Proper techniques for ergonomic workplace design are discussed, as well as techniques to maintain fitness while sitting. Emphasis is placed on injury prevention.

Just Try It: This interactive seminar will highlight several recent fitness trends including resistance bands, stability balls, balance boards and walking with weights. Participants will learn several exercises that they can perform at home and be able to try out the equipment pieces. Come learn about innovative and effective ways to workout without going to a gym!

Office Yoga: Do you sit at a desk for long stretches at a time? Do you feel like you shrunk a few inches after a long day on the job?  Are you feeling less flexible than you did as a teen? Are headaches becoming more common for you? Stop and reverse all of this! By adding simple yoga movements and breathing techniques you can get your body feeling great again. A very participatory seminar!

Strength Training for Everyone: Did you know that one pound of muscle burns approximately 50 calories daily, while one pound of fat burns only eight calories in a day? As you can see, one of the many benefits of strength training is a boosted metabolism. Strength training is an important component of any fitness program. Participants will be introduced to the basic elements of a safe and effective strength training routine. Topics such as the names of major muscle groups and the exercises that target them, the difference between sets and reps, the elements of proper form, and the basics of frequency and progression will be covered.

Stretching 101: Not everyone can touch their toes, but a good program of warm-ups and stretching can make a big difference in flexibility. In fact, an overall fitness program isn’t complete if it only emphasizes strength training and/or aerobics; stretching needs to be included as well. Anyone who is interested in improving sports performance, preventing injury, alleviating muscle pain or feeling more flexible will appreciate information on total body stretching

Triathlon Training: Swimming, biking and running are great cardiovascular workouts when done individually. When you combine these three elements into one sport, you’ve got a triathlon. Triathlons are a great way to challenge your body and mind. The basics of triathlon training and racing including information on workouts and equipment will be covered.

Wellness on the Road: Some of us have jobs that require frequent traveling. Unfortunately, this means long hours in the car or on planes, waiting in airports and staying in hotel rooms. Participants in this seminar will learn several ways to be “well” while on the road. This includes workout routines that can be done in the comfort of a hotel room or other confined space, how to eat healthy while on the road, plus proper ergonomics when traveling. Portable equipment options (that can fit right in your suitcase!) will also be demonstrated.

Working Out – Beyond the Basics: Would you like to start an exercise program, but are not sure where to begin? This seminar will get you started on the right track. Information on aerobic exercise, strength training and stretching will be presented in an easy to understand format. Participants learn about target heart rate and how to set up an individual workout program. Participants will also receive information about choosing exercise equipment (i.e. treadmills, elliptical machines) and the most important piece of equipment – athletic shoes!