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Are Gluten-Free Foods Healthier? Understanding “Gluten-Free” in an Ever-Expanding Food Market: The gluten free product market is expected to reach over $6 billion within the next 5 years. With the growing supply of gluten free products, is there a reason for their demand? In this class you will learn what gluten is and where you will find it in your food. We will discuss the health benefits of gluten free products and the individuals who may have the greatest benefit from choosing gluten free. You will learn products available and recipes for gluten free cooking.

Are You an Emotional Eater? Do you feel like you know what you need to eat for a healthy weight, but you just can’t get yourself to make the right choices? Emotional eating can be one of the biggest struggles towards healthy living. This class will help you understand what emotional eating is and how you can take control of your eating habits.

Boost Your Metabolism: Nourishing food and regular exercise are the most important factors for reaching or maintaining a healthy weight and feeling your best – but you can further boost your efforts by taking steps to ensure your metabolism is working at an optimal pace. When your metabolism works faster, you burn more calories simply doing your normal day-to-day activities, which make it easier to maintain or lose weight. The things you do throughout your day can help speed up or slow down your metabolism. This class teaches the essentials of maintaining optimal metabolism and includes a cooking demonstration with tasty samples and take-home recipes to help fuel the process.

Clean Eating – Choosing Foods To Feel Your Best: Are you concerned about the quality of your diet? Do you hope for your food to help you feel better not worse? Clean eating is a simple way of eating not focusing specifically on calories, fat or carbs but on the quality and the wholeness of the foods you eat. In this seminar, you will learn what it means to eat clean and how you can incorporate clean eating into your everyday life.

Creating “Safe Zones” in Your Food World: Many of us prepare food for home or work based on routines we have followed for a long time. But, we frequently participate in food occasions where our “home rules” don’t apply and we get ourselves into dietary trouble. This session will teach you how to create and implement a food “safe zone” strategy that will allow you to navigate these non-routine food situations that threaten your nutrition and your waistline, while still eating foods that are in keeping with your overall food plan and preferences.

Creating Your Personal Food Plan: Despite knowing that nourishing foods help us feel our best emotionally and physically, many of us fall short when it comes to creating and following a nutritious eating plan. Yet, we are most successful at achieving our goals when we have a well-thought-out plan. This session outlines the steps you need to follow to formulate an individualized food plan that works for you, and how to implement and monitor it for long-term success.

Dining Out the Healthy Way: Choosing healthier foods when eating out, ordering in, or eating away from home can be one of the most difficult things to do. It is easy to be tempted by the convenience of high-fat fast foods, or restaurant fare. Luckily, you don’t have to abandon the pleasure of “service with a smile” to stay healthy. Participants will learn simple dining out tips that will keep their healthy lifestyle on track.

Eating and Living Well As You Age: Do you plan for your medical future but not your future health? People that are happiest in retirement have the healthiest lifestyle! Learn how your nutritional needs change as you age and how to get started on a healthy retirement.

Eating for a Healthy Mind and Body: Does what you eat affect how you feel – your mood and behavior? In this seminar learn how foods can make you feel tired, depressed, or happy and how to make changes to your diet to improve how you feel every day.

Eating Well For Kids and Families: Are you tired of fighting with your kids about what to eat? Are you unsure of what your kids really need for a healthy diet? In this seminar you will learn what kids need for healthy growth and development and tips on getting your kids to eat right at home and away.

Eat Well For Less Stress: You know the common barriers to getting healthy: time, energy, tools. This presentation is different. During this presentation we will cover barriers that people don’t even know are there. We will cover how these overlooked barriers can sabotage your health and weight loss goals. Becoming aware is the first step in getting beyond them and getting closer to your goals.

Essential Nutrients: This seminar will distinguish between the essential nutrients: Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins, & Water. Dietary recommendations and food sources will be identified, as well as, their importance in maintaining a healthy body. This is a great seminar for those looking to learn the basics behind a healthy diet.

Fad Diets – Fact or Fiction? There are lots of diets that claim to be the answer to weight loss. If they all work so well, why is more than half our population overweight or obese? In this seminar you will learn the benefits and pitfalls of fad diets including Zone, Atkins and Sugar Buster’s diets. You will learn healthy tips for real, long-term weight loss and weight maintenance.

Fat Facts: Saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, trans fatty acids….are all these terms regarding fat confusing? This seminar will describe the benefits of fats, distinguish between the good and bad fats, identify sources of fat and provide the latest research on fats. An excellent seminar for those looking for clarification on the different fats!

Fire Up Your Metabolism! Metabolic Syndrome is a cluster of the following conditions:

  • Elevated Waist Circumference
  • Elevated Triglycerides
  • Reduced HDL “good” Cholesterol
  • Elevated Blood Pressure
  • Elevated Fasting Glucose
  • When three or more of these conditions occur together, your risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes greatly increases. You will gain knowledge about how improvements to nutrition, exercise, stress management and sleep can help to get these conditions under control.

Fit Kids: Childhood obesity is becoming more and more prevalent. Give your kids the tools to be happy and healthy starting today. We will cover the amount of exercise kids should get and strategic ways to revamp their diets and add more activity throughout their days.

Foods for Body Repair: Regardless of the type of work, physically fit employees are known to have greater job satisfaction, higher work quality and overall better job performance. Whether you have a physically demanding job or you work out after your job, rebuilding your body is critical. The role that Smart Nutrition plays in body repair is often overlooked in workplace wellness programs. The right foods at the right times speed muscle repair and muscle rebuilding which leads to being more pain-free the next day. This session will teach participants which foods are most beneficial for promoting body repair. This presentation includes an entertaining and fun cooking demonstration with delicious food samples, and easy recipes to make at home.

Foods to Boost Self-Confidence: Most of us have struggled with self-confidence at times. Did you know that certain foods can your self-confidence a boost? These foods increase your level of serotonin, a chemical your brain produces that makes you feel relaxed and good about yourself. Now may be a good time to add some serotonin-boosting foods to your diet! This session will show you which foods are best for boosting self-confidence and increasing self-esteem. This presentation includes an entertaining and fun cooking demonstration with delicious food samples, and easy recipes for home use.

Foods that Improve Digestion: We have all eaten too much, or the wrong food, and ended up with indigestion. Many factors have the potential to adversely affect your body’s complex digestive system but Smart Nutrition can keep those factors at bay. We will demonstrate foods that aid digestion, keep your system working smoothly, and help you feel your best. This presentation includes an entertaining and fun cooking demonstration with delicious food samples, and easy home-use recipes.

Foods that Improve Mental Clarity (Cognition): Studies show that nutrients in certain foods can have a significant positive impact on brain functions such as learning and memory. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents are critical in keeping the brain vital and healthy. While attending this presentation, you will learn about the vast selection of cognition-improving foods available. You will also see an entertaining and fun cooking demonstration with delicious food samples, and receive easy-to-make home recipes.

Foods that Improve Your Immune System: A healthy immune system can make the difference between staying home with a box of tissues and a bottle of cough medicine and staying active. Smart Nutrition is a great way to ensure that your immune system is operating at maximum efficiency and able to fight off viruses that come your way. Learn the truth about foods that will help or hinder your immune system. This presentation includes an entertaining and fun cooking demonstration with delicious food samples, and easy recipes to make at home.

Foods that Minimize Headaches: Headaches occur in millions of individuals across the country, and you may be surprised to learn that improper nutrition is often the cause of a headache. Although there is no “magic” food to prevent headaches altogether, this session will show you how you can use food to minimize the effects of a headache…just by eating smart. This presentation includes an entertaining and fun cooking demonstration with delicious food samples, and easy take-home recipes.

Foods to Promote Eye Health: Vision is an essential part of everyday life, affecting the way people of all ages learn, communicate, work, play, and interact with others. Healthy vision helps keep us safe when driving, playing sports, or working with dangerous power tools, and can help ensure a healthy and active lifestyle well into our later years. This session will teach participants about the nutrients linked to good eye health and discuss which food are most beneficial for maintaining healthy eyes. This presentation includes an entertaining and fun cooking demonstration with delicious food samples, and easy take-home recipes.

Foods that Provide Consistent Energy: The right foods boost your energy by providing your body the proper calories and hydration; they fuel your metabolism so it functions efficiently. What you eat also affects your brain chemistry – which affects your mental energy level and your mood. By attending this presentation, you will learn which foods are best for maintaining your energy level throughout the workday and into the evening. This presentation includes an entertaining and fun cooking demonstration with delicious food samples, and easy recipes to make at home.

Foods that Reduce Inflammation: Wouldn’t it be great to be able to put that bottle of ibuprofen back in the medicine cabinet? Inflammation can have an adverse effect on your entire body. By attending this presentation, you will learn which foods are beneficial (anti-inflammatory) and which foods to avoid (pro-inflammatory). This presentation includes an entertaining and fun cooking demonstration with delicious food samples, and easy recipes for home use.

Foods that Reduce Stress: Who wants less stress in their lives? Everybody! We all experience stress—it is a normal part of life. But stress can adversely affect our physical health, so it is important to get stress levels under control. Did you know that Smart Nutrition is a very important component in managing stress? It’s true! Eating the right foods can decrease your levels of stress and anxiety, while eating the wrong foods can actually increase them. Not only will we show you which foods are best for managing stress but this session will also provide an entertaining and fun cooking demonstration with delicious food samples, and easy recipes for home use.

Getting Through the Holidays: Do you dread the period from Thanksgiving through New Year’s because its many food-oriented events are opportunities for dietary sabotage? Learn how to plan for and deal with the variety of dietary booby traps and improve your diet throughout the holiday season. This session leads you through creating and implementing a plan that allows you some flexibility while still maintaining your core nutrition values. It also includes festive recipes that you can prepare as your contribution to holiday gatherings—your friends and family will be thrilled with your tasty, healthy contributions to the party!

Grillin’ and Chillin’: The summer months mean outdoor barbeques amongst family and friends. How can you make these outings healthy for all? This seminar will cover healthy cooking on the grill and how to make regular picnic foods healthier. Come learn new recipes and healthy techniques for even the most beginner cook.

Healthy Cooking 101: You’ve probably heard that too much fat in your diet can increase your risk of developing heart disease. But you also need to remember that the body needs a certain amount of fat to utilize some vitamins, so a no-fat diet can be dangerous too. In this seminar participants will learn to make healthier choices when it comes to food selection and preparation and about the amounts and types of fat that the body needs.

Healthy Snacking for Children from Toddler to School Age: In today’s environment it is important to teach children at a young age the importance of healthy eating to promote long term health. In this class you will learn healthy snack ideas for kids from toddlers to school age children. You will take home classroom project ideas that teach kids and families the importance of healthy snacks and snack preparation.

Herbal Supplements – A Natural Alternative: This class includes a brief history of the use of herbal medicine, as well as an overview of categories of herbal supplements. Several commonly used herbal supplements will be discussed, with emphasis on their uses, effectiveness, and possible interactions with other substances.

Holidays and Hibernation: Maintain your weight and your sanity throughout the holidays and the dark drab months that follow. We’ll cover seasonal strategies to combat the effects of feasting and hibernation that come this time of year. For good measure we’ll also cover a couple other fads that are popular this time of year.

How to Stay Fit While You Sit: This class is designed for people who sit at a desk or computer all day. Proper techniques for ergonomic workplace design are discussed, as well as techniques to maintain fitness while sitting. Emphasis is placed on injury prevention.

Hydration for Better Health: There is a huge difference between drinking and hydrating! When we aren’t properly hydrated, every system in our body suffers. This presentation is loaded with great information: you will learn which of your favorite beverages and foods are most effective for hydrating the body and which do nothing at all. Remember, you cannot fully benefit from even the best diet without adequate hydration. This presentation includes an entertaining and fun cooking demonstration with delicious food samples, and easy-to-make home recipes.

Love That Produce! A well-known actor once said, “It’s bizarre that the produce manager is more important to my children’s health than the pediatrician.” There is truth in this statement, but it is also applicable to adults. What makes us unique is that we not only teach you the basics of fruits and vegetables, but also encourage you to expand your taste buds by trying the “exotic” produce offered in the grocery store. Jicama, chayote, and Swiss chard are just a few items you will taste in this class. We will explore ordinary produce as well, and teach you new ways to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. And as a bonus, you will learn both the secrets of how to choose the best-tasting fresh produce and ways to boost your intake of these nutritious foods. This presentation includes an entertaining and fun cooking demonstration with delicious food samples, and easy-to-make recipes for home use.

Maneuvering Your way Through the Supermarket – Aisle by Aisle: Grocery shopping can be a drag—especially if you’re not exactly sure what is a healthy choice and what isn’t. This class will take you down an aisle by aisle tour to help you determine what foods to purchase and what items to avoid. Nutrition facts, food labels and need for organic foods will also be discussed.

Maximize your Metabolism: Metabolism – what is it and how does it affect our body? This seminar will cover the basics of metabolism & its relationship to weight loss/gain. Research on metabolism and ways to increase metabolism will be discussed. Health issues associated with metabolism will also be highlighted.

Mood-Boosting Foods: The holidays have passed; the novelty of the new year is wearing off and the days are cold and dark. For many of us, the winter doldrums bring the winter blahs. We can’t make winter pass any faster, but we can keep our spirits high and enjoy winter while it’s here by eating foods that elevate our moods and inject color into the cold, dark days. This class will teach you which colorful, nutritionally uplifting foods will help keep your spirits high until the arrival of spring. This class includes an entertaining cooking demonstration with food samples and take-home recipes to help you ease your way through winter!

Organic and Natural Foods: Are the Benefits Worth the Cost? Are you interested in nourishing your body well, but not sure if the benefits of organic foods outweigh the costs? In this class you will learn the requirements of organic and natural food labeling. We will discuss the reasons why you may wish to choose organic foods. And you will learn the foods most important to consider purchasing organic.

Peak Performance: Peak performance is designed to teach the participants how to achieve peak energy and performance levels. Topics covered include: nutrition for peak performance, the role of water in health, nutritional supplements, ways to enhance joint flexibility, and avoiding injury at home or at work to achieve long-term optimal performance.

Relapse Prevention: So, you have lost the weight, but now how do you keep it off? So many of us lose our weight, but then struggle to keep it off. This seminar will cover the importance of physical activity as a weight management tool, as well as, healthy eating habits for a lifetime. Participants will learn the skills to manage behavior change and also how to prepare for slips.

Salt Substitutes: Using Herbs and Spices: Did you know that the average American consumes 3,400 mg of salt per day? This is almost 50 percent more than the U.S. dietary guideline of 2,300 mg (about a teaspoon) per day. This is partly due to the large amount of processed food we eat, so a key solution is to cook at home more often so you can control the salt. But what about the flavor? This class will teach you how to use herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of foods instead of reaching for the salt shaker. Ideal pairings of vegetables, meats and herbs and spices will be highlighted. A cooking demonstration with tasty recipes featuring herbs and spices and take-home recipes will be included in the presentation.

Setting Up the Right Nourishment Program for Your Child: In today’s hurry-up world, parents frequently give in to time pressure and feed their children convenience foods or cater to the child’s taste preferences. What gets missed is the foods that are key in following Smart Nutrition principles. This session will walk parents through the building blocks of establishing a nourishment plan that will allow their children to thrive and do their best in academics, sports and life and give them strategies for how to implement these menus at home without causing family “food fights.” The children will learn by example the proper way to eat, which will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Sleep for Better Health: Are you falling asleep at your desk? Sleep is critical! Sleep deprivation is a major safety hazard that can have a negative impact on your job performance and long-term health. According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 41 million Americans are sleep-deprived. Don’t be a statistic! A full night of quality sleep will boost your performance, mood, cognition and energy level. Did you know that certain foods can affect your sleep? We will show you which foods are most important for quality sleep. This presentation includes an entertaining and fun cooking demonstration with delicious food samples, and easy take-home recipes to help ensure a good night’s sleep!

Smart Nutrition for Office Workers: Office workers spend a lot of time seated at desks, working on tasks that can lead to both muscle and brain fatigue. The right foods and activities can help prevent mental fog, boost metabolism and make the work day more productive. This session includes a mix of theory and recipes—you’ll learn how big a difference the right lunch and snacks can make toward avoiding that post-lunch urge to nap!

Smart Nutrition for Industrial Workers: The nutritional needs of factory workers differ from those of office workers. They are usually on their feet more, potentially lifting more weight and spend a large part of the day in repetitive-motion activities. From an employer perspective, the foods and beverages consumed or avoided can do a lot toward making employees safer on the job. From the worker’s viewpoint, it can also make a big difference in energy level, mental clarity and the amount of body pain experienced during after-work hours. This session will focus on Smart Nutrition and suggestions for meals and snacks that will help optimize overall body health and energy level.

Soy Foods: In this seminar you will learn the health benefits of soy foods, sources of soy and how to start adding soy to your diet.

Sugar Addict Recovery: Are you a sugar addict? Do you have greater success with weight loss on a low carb diet, but know that it isn’t a healthy choice? In this class you will learn why some people are more likely to be “addicted” to sugar and how to plan a diet that will eliminate sugar cravings and promote a healthy weight.

The Competitive Edge – Eating for Athletic Performance: This seminar is designed for those who are regularly physically active and looking for more information on how proper nutrition can improve their athletic performance. Specifically, this seminar will address:

  • Energy Requirements
  • Nutrients for Peak Performance
  • Nutritional Requirements for Specific Sports/Durations
  • Eating Before, During, and After Activity
  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplements
  • Water or Fluid Replacement Drinks

What Is The Glycemic Index And Will It Help Me Lose Weight? The glycemic index has been talked about for many years, but do you really know what it means and if you should be paying attention? In this class you will learn about glycemic index and glycemic load and how the quality, not the quantity of food you eat may be making it harder for you to lose weight.

The End of Overeating – Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite: Join us for this presentation discussing the groundbreaking investigation of the insatiable American appetite. We will explore former FDA commissioner Dr. David Kessler’s work, which explains why we eat more than we need to and what we can do to stop the vicious and unhealthy cycle of overeating.

Understanding Childhood Obesity: This seminar will discuss factors contributing to the “Super-Sizing” of our children and identify practical, accessible prevention strategies and treatment options for managing childhood obesity.

Understanding Food Labels: Do you read the food labels when at the grocery store? If you are like most Americans, you do not. The FDA now requires food labeling on all items for your health benefit. This seminar will help you learn how to decipher food labels, determine nutrient content of food and develop strategies for grocery shopping & making wise choices.

Understanding Healthy Fats and Oils: Did you know that “eat no-fat/low-fat” is no longer the recommended dietary approach? Most of us were raised in a world where we were bombarded with the message that low fat and no fat are the “healthy” way to eat. Recent nutrition research is changing the rules and healthy fats and oils are now considered an essential part of a good diet. This session will walk participants through how nutrition standards have changed, what they now are, and how to implement them in our daily diets. The class includes examples of good and bad fats and oils, how to buy them, store them and cook with them. The class includes a cooking demonstration with tasty food samples and easy take-home recipes featuring healthy fats and oils.

Vegetarian Eating: Human beings have been eating vegetarian diets for thousands of years. The diet is gaining new interest as people are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of consuming too many animal products and the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. The basic elements and benefits of a vegetarian diet will be addressed and participants will learn if this diet could work for them.

Vitamins, Minerals and Phytonutrients: Vitamins are important nutrients that help to regulate metabolism and help the brain, nerves, muscles, skin, and bones function properly. Minerals are necessary in very small amounts for the body to function properly. Vitamins and minerals are found in nearly all foods, which way it is important to eat a wide variety of healthy foods. This seminar will provide information about the vitamins and minerals that are essential to the human body.

Weight Management – The Keys to Success: An estimated 50 million Americans go on a diet each year and about 5 percent manage to keep the weight off, according to Colorado State University Extension. People often choose to join a weight loss program because they offer an alternative way to drop pounds quickly.  And, unfortunately, with quick weight loss, that can lead to quick weight gain after the program concludes.  This seminar will discuss the important components of healthy and sustainable weight loss:  nutrition, exercise and behavior change.  Learn the easy way to safely and effectively lose 1-2 pounds per week.

What to Eat: Are you tired of trying to decipher the truths and myths around healthy nutrition? In this class you will learn the best foods to eat to promote good health and prevent chronic disease. We will discuss the “super” foods you hear about, how much you need to consume to promote health and how to make these choices fit into your lifestyle.

Your Best Summer Ever: Summer is a time for reveling in sunshine, cookouts and weekends spent at the cabin and in the water. When we trade our normal routines for the free-flowing days of summer, we often throw out the window the nourishing rhythms that help us feel our best. Barbecues and outdoor parties present unsafe zones that challenge our food plan; hot summer sun and abundant alcohol bring along dehydration and excess empty calories. There is no need to sabotage your enjoyment of summer to stay healthy and fit. Follow our tips to squeeze all the fun into your summer without abandoning your wellness, so you can feel your best when autumn comes knocking on your door. This class includes a cooking demonstration with food samples and take-home recipes to help you on your way to a great summer!