Wellness Program Components

Each online program includes the following components:

Instructor – Each lesson is a multimedia coaching session led by a certified trainer. The program trainer motivates, educates, and demonstrates to the participants how to apply the simple but powerful concepts to even the most difficult challenges in their lives. They lay the foundation, process, and track for change.

Support – Live programs usually contain a wide spectrum of support options.

MP3 Downloads – A series of 13 short motivational support talks are available for the participant to listen to on their cell phone, iPod, or CD player.

PersonalCoach™ – The PersonalCoach™ is a sophisticated software program that tracks the user experience longitudinally and provides experience-based coaching appropriately. This is an integral part of the program’s unparalleled interactive nature. Participants complete short confidential surveys before most sessions. Based on how they fill out the surveys they may receive coaching (audio and text) on how to deal with certain challenging situations. They may also receive coaching to keep them or nudge them back on track, or to just simply
acknowledge them. They may even get email or PDA feedback if they choose.

Internet-Based RealTalkRadio™ – Once a week, Selfhelpworks™ holds a live online support group hosted by the instructor or a guest. Users can call, email, or fax in questions, problems and challenges if they would like to get verbal feedback (as if they were in a live group session), or they can just listen. Selfhelpworks™ promotes the sessions weekly to all participants unless they opt out of the reminder.

Emails – Users receive up to 50 reminder, motivational, or educational emails throughout the year.

Program Manual – At the end of each lesson, reading material, which mirrors the delivered message, is available to print and refer to as desired.

Program Exercises – Each session contains actualization exercises (incorporated within the reading materials) designed to bring that lesson to life.

Additional Tools – The programs contain a variety of program-specific tools designed to the keep the user experience interesting and valuable.