Vision & Mission

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OUR VISION: To continuously improve our leadership in worksite promotion programs and services to our clients by utilizing the strengths of our people.

OUR MISSION: We will provide for our clients the knowledge and experience essential in leading innovative lifestyle improvement and behavior change programs that show a return on investment.


  • Enhance the Quality of Life. We will provide for our clients programs which focus on reducing the risk for disease and enhancing the quality of lives for their employees.
  • Reduce Absenteeism. We will help clients minimize employee lost time due to illness and injury through health education and lifestyle coaching.
  • Improve Recruitment and Increase Retention.We will help encourage organizations to become “employers of choice” and take active roles in supporting programs and services to improve their populations’ health.
  • Increase Productivity. We will educate clients on the importance of providing opportunities for employees to be happy and healthy, so they work harder and longer.