Top 4 latest trends in corporate wellness that you need to know today

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Top 4 latest trends in corporate wellness that you need to know today

2016 is proving to be a pivotal year in corporate wellness program design and it’s only April 1st! We are experiencing new trends that will launch employee wellness in an entirely new direction. Below are the top four trends that are emerging around the county that you can capitalize on starting today.

  1. Jumping for health – Giant Trampolines will have you jumping for joy. We’ve all heard about the health benefits of rebounding, from total cell-rejuvenation to major cardiovascular benefits, but we are seeing more and more workplaces install giant trampolines at their workplace to capitalize on these well-being benefits. At Techy Tech, a tech start-up in Silicon Valley, giant trampolines are all the rage. “My co-workers and I have been jumping during our lunch break and even hold jumping meetings. I’ve noticed that my staff’s creativity and overall productivity has been taken to new heights. Sure it’s an insurance risk, but life in general is a risk,” states Fred Allman, a senior manager at Techy Tech.
  2. Venda-Veggie – Vending Machine meets Farmers Market. Farmers Markets, buying local and organic has been all the rage for the past few years. But we are experiencing an entirely new level of bringing the Farmers Market experience to people. Introducing Venda-Veggie. For around one dollar you can purchase a large stalk of broccoli, handful or radishes, even a small bunch of kale from a vending machine in your workplace breakroom. Forget candy bars and potato chips. Now you purchase farmers market quality produce at your office during your afternoon slump.
  3. Stress Management goes extreme. You’ve heard of extreme sports, well now you can add stress management to that category.“We’ve designed wellness challenges and competitive programs around stress management, meditation and even mindfulness, states Donna Fisher, a Wellness Director at All Things Whistles, “It’s not unusual to see co-workers bragging about who’s more Zen or has reached a higher levels of tranquility and inner peace.” Fisher also explains that sometimes employees will pull all-nighter meditation practices at their office in an effort to be the most “well-balanced employee.”
  4. Ninja Training. In another effort of east meets west, many workplaces are implementing Ninja training into their well-being mix. Ninjas possess focus, honor and skilled combat. “We’ve really seen how training our IT staff to be more nimble and more stealthy has increased their sense of purpose in the workplace,” comments Don McDriver, a Middle Manager. “Our IT department has never had so much energy and passion for their coding and other backend development. Many have even made pictures of Ninjas into their screen savers.”

And there it is, the top four trends that you need to know about on April 1st, 2016. Happy April Fool’s Day from AdvantageHealth!

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