Take Control of Your Heart Health

Some of us were blessed with good heart health and some of us have to manage what we were given. No matter what category you are in, you should continue to make good choices and be aware of your heart health.

Here are five tips to help keep your heart health in tip top shape!

1. Find time to be active every day.

We should all try to get around 150 minutes of activity in per week. That’s only 21 ½ minutes of physical activity per day! Try getting off the bus a stop or two before your building and walk the rest of the way. Take the stairs rather then the elevator if that is an option. Suggest a walking meeting rather then the traditional style of work meeting.

2. Make it a habit to eat healthy.

All it takes is one small change! Whether that’s going from drinking four sodas a day to one, adding a cup of fruits/vegetables to your daily diet, or even buying a banana at the grocery store for the first time! Every little bit of healthy change can make a world of a difference!

3. Quit smoking tobacco and don’t look back!

Cigarettes and other tobacco products negatively affect your heart. Quitting tobacco can be the best decision you make for your heart health! It by no means is easy so reach out for help and support if that’s what you need! 1-800-QUIT-NOW

4. Know your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers.

Do you get your blood pressure and cholesterol taken enough to know if it’s in the “normal” category? If your blood pressure is above 120/80 and your cholesterol is above 200 learn more about how to lower them. A good place to start would be increasing physical activity and having a healthy diet.

5. Stick to the ‘script.

If your doctor prescribed you a high blood pressure medication, or another medication, be sure to take it as recommended by your doctor. Even if you feel like it isn’t necessary, continue to do as suggested until your doctor gives you the green light!

If you find yourself having a challenging time keeping yourself accountable to the tips listed above, find a friend who wants to make similar changes. Check in with one another and encourage one another to take control of your heart health!