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Prominent Black Women in the Health & Fitness Industry

Written by: Margaret Frisbie, Program Manager | AdvantageHealth

1. Michelle Obama

During her time in office as First Lady, Michelle Obama started and lead the Let’s Move! campaign. This initiative began focusing on childhood obesity by encouraging healthier foods in schools and encouraging more physical activity for children. This White House initiative hoped to decrease the prevalence of childhood obesity by 5% by the year 2030.

2. Sariane Leigh

Sariane is a wellness advocate from Washington D.C. who created her brand, Anacostia Yogi. Leigh teaches free yoga classes to members of the Anacostia neighborhood in D.C., a predominantly black and largely underserved area of our nation’s capital. Sariane promotes healthy eating and meditation all while introducing participants to the healing power of yoga.

3. Vanessa Garrison & Tanya Morgan Dixon

Vanessa and Tanya are two college friends who went on to start the largest public health nonprofit for African American women in the United States, GirlTrek. GirlTrek encourages women to use walking as a method to stimulate healthy living. Members of this organization also support local and national policies to improve access to safe places to walk and improve the walkability of 50 high-need communities across the country. Currently GirlTrek has 100,000 active members and is always looking to grow.



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