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Get Out & Go! 5 Things to Consider When Getting Outside to Exercise

Written by: Alyssa Lockensgard, Fitness Specialist at Capella Tower Health Club | AdvantageHealth

Have you ever thought of mixing exercise and being outdoors together? “Green Exercise” combines these two health activating activities. Exercise can provide benefits of physical health and mental health, while being outside can provide benefits that involve reducing stress and increasing mood. Simply changing the scenery while exercising could increase these benefits exponentially.

Green Exercise Tools:

1. Improves Mood and Reduces Stress:

  • Exposure to sunlight provides an appropriate amount of Vitamin D, which in turn increases your mood.

  • Head outside for a quick low-intensity walk to reboot your mood when getting back to work.

2. Low Cost:

  • Price can act as a barrier for exercise, but the outside world is at our hands.

  • Local neighborhoods and side streets are easy tools to use for a morning walk or afternoon jog.

3. Ease of Access:

  • Lack of time is another barrier of exercise. Taking advantage of the outdoor space can reduce the time commitment drastically.

  • Using local parks and space or hiking trails are great ways to navigate time.

4. Increase Motivation:

  • Green Exercise has a way of increasing the enjoyment factor of exercise.

  • Social and entertainment values are both increased when exercising outdoors as well.

5. Check Weather Conditions:

  • It is important to be aware of weather conditions before exercising outside. If weather permits, Get Out & Go!

  • If conditions are hot and humid - check UV’s and apply appropriate sunscreen protection, and/or wear a hat.

  • If conditions are utterly cold – pack extra layers for your own protection.

Struggling to find different ways to get outside? Here are three different ideas to Explore.

1. Go Exploring:

  • Make the most of your time off. Find a National/State Park and hike some trails with friends or family on the weekends or days you have off.

  • MN State Park Info

2. Take a Walk in Your Lunch Break:

  • Rather than eating at your desk or in the staff room, take it outside! Eat on the go and take a stroll outside to step away from the work area.

3. Mix Up Your Commute:

  • Many of us are stuck at our desks all day as well as in our cars on the commute home. Spice it up and hop on the bike, get off the bus a stop before your work location or park a bit further away. A little goes a long way!

The outdoors is calling your name! If you are just getting back into being active, start with short bouts of exercise at a lower intensity to gradually work your way back up. Even if it is a short five-minute walk to get your kids to the bus or an extra walk to the car, all you have to do is Get Out & Go!



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