Podcast Interviews

Podcast Interviews with Co-Founder and CEO Kristine Keykal of AdvantageHealth

The Twin Cities Wellness Collective™ Podcast: #085: Boosting Employee Well-Being with Kristine Keykal 

Listen to Kristine Keykal, Co-Founder and CEO of AdvantageHealth, explain how company's can bolster the well-being of their employees. The Twin Cities Wellness Collective™ Podcast conducts weekly interviews with entrepreneurs, local experts, and those who have transformed their personal well-being to share their stories and help others in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and beyond live higher quality lives.


The Ascent Podcast: A Serendipitous Start to a Healthy Business

AdvantageHealth Co-Founder and CEO, Kristine Keykal, gives an insightful interview on how AdvantageHealth began along with the lessons she acquired throughout the 20 year span (and counting) of running a corporate wellness business. Also, discover her "three big things" when it comes to running a successful business.