How to increase top-down support in your employee wellness program

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How to increase top-down support in your employee wellness program

If you are looking for strategic steps to take to increase overall senior level support, below are a few ideas to get your employee wellness program off to a strong start.

  1. Roll out a sneak peek presentation to senior leaders and upper management about the direction of your employee wellness program at the beginning of each year. Prepare your sample materials ahead of time. If you are doing challenges, give them a sample flyer. If you are using books, provide a book for every person who attends the presentation. Allowing them to see this sneak peek builds excitement and also allows them to address and concerns early on.
  2. Figure out who the active supporters are. Determine what upper managers actively supports the employee wellness program. Work with these people often, ask their opinions and align the program with their overall vision. This will increase buy in and they will continue to strongly support the program and vocalize it to others.
  3. Provide simple action steps. Communicate with upper management the simple steps that they can take to support the program. Examples may include: speaking a few times a year at an upper management meeting, informing them of the power of modeling healthy behaviors and participating in programs on other employees, ask if you can use a quote or picture of them participating in an employee wellness program or a healthy habit.
  4. Foster alignment with the corporate culture. Can you tie in health and wellness to the company’s overall values, mission or vision? This may take some time to make changes, but persistency is key. Provide facts and figures during presentations or simple handouts (like infographics) about the overall importance of a healthy, resilient workforce. Remember, just a 5% shift in leader support can create a wellness revolution!
  5. Work with each department head strategically. Each department may have its own culture operating under the culture of the organization. Get to know each department director, the mini cultures, and their meeting schedules. Provide him / her with talking points regarding new challenges or wellness initiatives the company is embarking on. Ask him / her to participate in the program and encourage his/her employees to participate in the upcoming challenge or initiative.Check out AdvantageHealth’s CONSULTING SERVICES for additional expertise with this area or CONTACT AdvantageHealth.

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    Kristine Keykal, Co-Founder & CEO of AdvantageHealth, has been helping businesses create custom, award-winning corporate wellness programs for over 20 years.