Introducing 2 NEW Employee Wellness Challenges!

AdvantageHealth Corporation has recently designed and introduced two new employee wellness challenges / incentive campaigns into their current program offerings for worksites. These mini-challenges (3 – 4 weeks) will keep employees engaged the entire time as they work to reduce sugary drinks or take steps to improve their self-care and […]

Top 5 new workplace wellness challenges for spring / summer!

Spring is here! Unthaw your employee wellness program with an exciting wellness challenge! AdvantageHealth has several newly designed wellness challenges that can be customized for your organizational needs. Here’s what you need to know: NOT YOUR AVERAGE CHALLENGE. The wellness challenges we have created reach far beyond physical fitness and address total […]

Are you measuring these 7 areas in your corporate wellness program?

AdvantageHealth, based in Minnesota, designs each corporate wellness program based on clients’ business plans and culture, and then implements, manages and evaluates it throughout its existence. This is the last of 7 blog posts where we discussed the seven foundational elements of employee wellness in detail as identified by the Statewide Health Improvement […]