5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Diet

Are you tired of counting calories or points and want to see results? Why not try some do-it-yourself things to get yourself to your goal weight or reduce the risks of chronic diseases.

Get yourself to a healthy weight & reduce the risks of chronic disease with these 5 tips:

  1. Replace Other Drinks with Water. Substitute water for all other sugary drinks including soda & juices. Try to find an alternative to these by adding in carbonated water or adding lemon to your water.
  2. Rethink Your Coffee. Are you a coffee lover? Next time you order your white mocha think about what all might go into that drink. Whole milk, whip cream, sugary syrup. How can you cut some calories? Ask for unsweetened almond or coconut milk, sugar free syrup or skip the syrup and ask for no whip.
  3. Rethink Your Sauces. Do you love using sauces and condiments on your foods? Can you try making your own salad dressing by using olive oil, lemon, garlic, pepper. Trying to avoid the creamy rich dressings or use them sparingly.
  4. Try to cut white out of the diet. White meaning anything that is colored white. Whether this is sour cream, sugar, white flour or white grains. Try to substitute with greek yogurt in recipes instead of sour cream. Try using an alt. sugar option such as Truvia. Next time you by flour take a look at other options that they have.
  5. Ditch Packaged Snacks for Whole Foods. Are your snacks coming from a box? Try to switch up your snacks you eat throughout the day to all whole foods. Instead of a granola bar in the morning switch to an egg or piece of fruit. Snacks to take to work could include nuts, hard boiled eggs, fruit and raw vegetables. You might end up having a big lunch box but your body will be thanking you.


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