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Above the Line / Below the Line** One of the things that has the most powerful impact is our state of mind: our moods and our attitudes. Out attitudes, state of mind, and moods Above the Line (ATL) are significantly different than our attitudes, state of mind, and moods Below the Line (BTL). When we are BTL, our thought life is serving us poorly. We are at the mercy of our negative attitudes and our low moods. When we are ATL, our thought life, our thinking power is serving us well. It is really doing the job it was designed to do and it is doing it whether we are aware of it or not. All of us fluctuate between these two states of mind. Participants in this session will understand the ATL/BTL model, identify their moods, attitudes or state of mind as being positive or negative, and direct their moods, attitudes or state of mind by knowing their indicators and triggers for being positive or negative.

A More Balanced You** Do you find yourself stressed? Is your to-do list never ending? Are you forgetting things that occur on a regular basis? What keeps you from taking care of yourself? We all have the same 1,400 minutes in a day and often times it is our own perceptions of things that can keep us stuck and unbalanced. By attending this seminar, you will:

  • learn time-saving techniques for self-care
  • identify physical, emotional and mental tools that can fit into your busy schedule
  • improve your sense of well-being

Are You Ready? “I want to quit smoking.” “I want to lose 10 pounds.” “I want to start exercising.” We’ve heard it all before. However, not everyone is ready to change at the same time and behavior change does not all happen in one step. Each of us progresses through the “Stages of Behavior Change” at our own pace. Come learn about what stage you are in and how this can help you to reach your behavior change goals!

Balanced and Lovin’ It! 8 Key Strategies for Achieving Work Family Balance** Feeling torn in different directions? Riddled by guilt? Rarely have time for yourself? This two-part class will help you examine your life and how happy you are with your current choices. Tools for assessing balance will be provided along with tips on how to take steps to live the life you want.

 Beware of Thought Circles and Tornadoes** When our thinking gets off course the negative mental energy we create causes miserable experiences for ourselves and others. By being aware of this, we are able to minimize the negative effect of their own such thinking or avoid the consequences of the negative thinking of others. In this session, participants will become aware of how their negative thinking leads to negative experiences for themselves and others, and learn how to minimize the effects of their negative thinking or the negative thinking of others.

Building Trust: The Key to Effectiveness** The most important ingredient in any relationship is trust, the firm belief in the honesty and reliability of another person. Although you cannot build trust instantly, you can destroy it instantly. Therefore, it is important to create trust and protect it whenever you can. This session will present 5 ways of building trust in a personal relationship, family or work group and 5 ways to diminish trust. We will assess our own trustworthiness and be guided in developing a plan for building trust in at least one key relationship.

Change…It’s Not Just in Pockets: Managing Life’s Stresses** This seminar will discuss ideas for managing stress in everyday life. Creative ways to deal with stress management during change, as well as tips for staying connected to those close to you will be explored. We will focus on keeping the fun in adult relationships, while managing life’s stress.

Communicating Effectively with Health Care Providers**

Ever wonder if there is a way to improve communication with your health care providers? This seminar will help anyone who wants to increase communication, get more out of your office visit and create a team approach towards your health care needs. By learning effective communication techniques, you will save time and energy by making the most of your health care provider visits. By attending this seminar, you will:

  • identify key principles to communicate effectively
  • learn how to state your individual concerns/needs
  • create a team approach to your health care needs

Conflict: Obstacle or Opportunity**  Conflict is inevitable in human relationships. The mark of a successful team is how effectively they are able to work through problems and process conflict. The goal of this seminar is to increase the team’s confidence and ability to resolve sensitive and personal issues. Topics covered in the seminar include: Understanding anger and where it originates, how conflict gets out of control, understanding one another’s conflict management style, and how to resolve conflict.

Conflict Management** In a light hearted look at an old topic, David Brueshoff calls stress, anger and conflict “the three amigos” because they seem inseparable – like three best friends. In this seminar you will learn effective conflict management skills to improve and help you be more productive and feel more balanced. Who says talking about conflict cannot be fun?!

Conflict Resolution in the Virtual Workplace** Organizational Conflict Resolution practices have been in place for decades and they all revolve around a very traditional model of working. They have taught us about communicating effectively, watching for signals, tracking body language and paying attention to voice and face signals.

As the workplace migrates from the traditional model of the past to the mobile and virtual workplace of the future, it is imperative that organizations adapt to these changes. With email, conference calls, Skype, chat, and Web-conferencing, it’s now common for people to work together and rarely see each other face to face. These changes have impacted the way employees and teams not only work but how they disagree and resolve those disagreements.

This interactive webinar will take you through the new world of Virtual Conflict Resolution and provide tools and practices that include: Defining Virtual Workplace Conflict, Identifying sources of virtual conflict, Examples of Virtual Conflict, Best Practices, Resolution Scenarios and Creating an Action Plan.

Confrontation Without Alienation: How To Manage Difficult Conversations** In this interactive session, participants will learn an effective approach which can be applied to situations involving conflict, having to provide negative feedback, making a complaint or delivering unwelcome news. Learn the key steps to achieving the most positive outcome possible.

Cultivating Healthy Sleep Habits** Do you wake up each morning feeling refreshed and alert? Or do you wake up feeling irritable and drowsy? Our sleep habits can affect our ability to effectively function during the day. In this seminar, information will be shared about the most common sleep disorders, along with tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

Dealing with Everyday Change** Going to college, switching companies, getting married, moving to a different area, having children, not getting the promotion you expected, getting a divorce… We all deal with changes regularly. Small and big changes, expected ones and unexpected ones, desirable and undesirable changes. You may dread or love change, but we all have to deal with them and we sometimes do so poorly. Dealing with personal change is mostly about understanding yourself and about learning how to best deal with transitions. This seminar provides you with insights and tools to do both – effectively.

Disappointment is a Life Skill** The one thing that all great leaders have in common is their ability to successfully deal with disappointment. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, and countless others have not only experienced disappointment, but have gained valuable life lessons as a result of dashed hopes and shattered dreams. This session will discuss five principles leaders have learned and children (and adults) can be taught in order to not only deal with disappointment, but to rise above it!

Discovering the Main Thing** This seminar will lead participants through a process that will result in developing their personal mission statement. This can be adapted for developing a family or group mission statement.

Eating and Exercising During Stressful Times** Are you feeling overwhelmed by the stressors in your life today? Stress can cause many health problems such as weight gain and chronic illness. In this class you will learn how you can better manage stress through healthy lifestyle choices.

Eat Well for Less Stress** One of the best ways to fight stress is to eat well. Learn more about the food and stress connection, what it really means to eat healthy and how to do it (so you stick with it). This presentation will leave you hungrier than ever for nutritious foods!

Emotional Intelligence: Street Smarts for Success** What are the factors that lead to success in life? How can I get better results at work? How can I develop more fulfilling relationships? How can I get what I want out of life? In the past, it was believed that academic achievement and intellectual potential (IQ) had a lot to do with success. We now know that this is not the case. Recent research has uncovered a new dimension for success. It is called “Emotional Intelligence”, and it is highly linked to personal and professional accomplishment. In this class, participants will explore their own EQ and discover a blueprint for achieving success in their relationships, in their health, and in their professional careers. Participants will learn the 6 key factors that help people to manage their emotional lives with intelligence. By participating in this workshop you will:

  • Explore your own emotional intelligence
  • Discover a new formula for success
  • Practice the skills of emotional self-awareness and self-management
  • Learn how to manage impulses, which threaten the achievement of goals
  • Learn how to communicate feelings effectively in the workplace
  • Learn to recognize, understand and work within other people’s emotional
  • states and achieve healthier, more positive relationships
  • Find out how to be more positive in negative circumstances

Emotional Intelligence** IQ contributes about 20% to the factors that determine success, which leaves 80% to other forces. Using Daniel Goleman’s research, we will define the emotional intelligence factors that our children need to be successful in school and society. The factors include the ability to motivate oneself and persist in the face of frustrations, to regulate one’s moods and keep distress at bay and to empathize and hope.

Energizers, Relaxers and Spirit Lifters** Physical and mental health … it affects performance, productivity and quality of life. Let us activate the minds and bodies of your participants with this fun interactive program. We will unlock their creative right brains, reduce their physical and mental stress, and lift their spirits. The participants will walk away refreshed and motivated; and with “tools” for a life time that will recharge their energy systems, boost their immune system and enhance their personal and professional performances.

From Stress to Resilience** This workshop helps you attack stressors in your life from multiple angles. In addition to offering both practical solutions for managing and balancing your life, this session will also leave you with usable strategies for changing the way you perceive, experience and respond to stress.

Healing Your Body with Sleep**  Increased cravings, weight gain, difficult interactions, and bad moods are some of the effects of not getting enough sleep. Learn what happens inside our bodies when we’re chronically lacking sleep. After this presentation, the audience will come away with realistic ways to get more sleep, increase restoration for the body throughout the day along with new motivation to take action starting today.

Health for the Holidays: Why is it that one of the most joyous times of the year tends to be our most unhealthy?! Come learn ways to stay fit and healthy over the holidays! Emphasis will be placed on portion control, low-fat holiday cooking, regular physical activity and de-stressing. Participants will walk away with the tools to help them make it through the hectic holiday season stress-free!

Healthy Living Made Simple** Do you feel overwhelmed by all that you think it takes to live a healthy lifestyle? In this class you will learn the impact that even small changes in your life can make in preventing disease, reducing your health care expenses and promoting healthy living.

How to Untangle a Wired Life** There is no doubt that technology and social media networking sites are contributing significantly to anxiety, obesity, lack of sleep, the inability to communicate spontaneously, and more. Technology has grown faster than we can keep up with – its virtual people, endless content and perpetual conversation. Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, wants to help us untangle our wired lives. Based on her recent book, Dot Complicated, learn how technology and social media influence and inform our lives online and off and what we must do to manage it.

Identity Theft: Who’d Want To Be ME, Anyway?**  Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the nation. And why not? Stealing an identity can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in profit. For victims, the blow is devastating: loss of time, resources and a feeling of vulnerability. This seminar will give you the straight talk on why this is such a big deal, what you can do to prevent it from happening, determine whether you’ve become a victim, and defend yourself if you are. Who is most vulnerable? You may be surprised.

Igniting Team Energy, Creativity and Spirit** Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success.” Begin the coming together by learning basic Feng Shui (environmental energy) techniques on how to select, set-up and positively charge your meeting room to insure creativity and cooperation. Learn how to create effective meeting openers with high energy questions that bring out the best in people and build a foundation for progress. Learn techniques for igniting team energy and team spirit to inspire successful completion of group goals and projects. Experience how the group state of mind can actually affect outcomes.

Imagine Serenity…It Will Come** Serenity is not the absence of the storm, but peace in the midst of it. The mind thinks in words, but the body responds to images. Experience how creating peaceful images in the mind brings serenity to both body and mind, creating a quiet oasis from daily stressors. You will also learn how to activate the creative right brain and experience guided imagery techniques that can be targeted for improved health, better job performance, or even a better golf shot.

Inside/Outside** We live in two worlds. One is the outside world. This includes our life at home, school or work. The other is the inside world. This inside world is the world of the six inch space between our ears — our thought life. Our thought life includes beliefs about the outside world, our attitudes, opinions, and decisions. These are all functions and activities of our inside world, the world of our mind. What percentage of our success (the quality of our lives, relationships, experiences and work) is tied to the outside and what percentage is tied to the inside? Participants in this session will understand the inside world and the outside world, know how to improve the outside by improving the inside, and be aware of how they hang on to or let go of the power of responsibility.

Journaling and Mindfulness: The New Science of Stress Reduction** Are you feeling stressed out? In this class, we will explore ‘mindful’ techniques to help reduce everyday stress at work and home. The key to stress reduction is not eliminating the sources of stress in your life–it is learning how to respond to them. Join us to practice focusing on the present moment while cultivating stillness of mind and body.

Keeping the Main Thing The Main Thing** In this seminar, participants will assess how they use their time based on what is important or unimportant. You will explore a process of time management based on what is personally important to you.

 Mad About You** Anger is an appropriate emotion in many instances, but for some people it is the only emotion they know how to express. Often it masks other feelings that you or someone you know is experiencing. If you find yourself angry with everyone, work with someone who flies off the handle, or deal with clients who “dump” their anger on you, learn how to express anger and manage the anger around you that keeps you from being productive at work or at home.

Managing Change: How to Succeed in an Every Changing World – WEBINAR ONLY** Change is constant but it’s not always fun or expected. And managing change can be a lot of work. This program is designed to help individuals at any level manage change effectively. Michelle will lead individuals through the “Seven Ways to Deal with Change,” and provide dozens of easy to use tools for successfully implementing or dealing with change. Individuals will be inspired and ready to take on change, look for opportunities with change and get rid of the change monster for good.

Managing Stress Naturally** “Managing Stress Naturally” begins with a personal stress survey to help participants gauge their stress exposure. Topics include: sources of stress, “good” versus “bad” stress, and effective ways to manage in a natural, holistic way.

Mastering Productive Performance: A Systematic Approach to Time Management and Personal Productivity**  Juggling far too many tasks, losing track of commitments, and feeling overwhelmed by project assignments? This seminar introduces and individually customizable, systemic approach for managing time, tasks and information, allowing you to be both more efficient and effective in achieving your goals. Join us to explore strategies, structures and tricks for collecting, processing, organizing, reviewing and ultimately taking action on all the “inputs” of your life. Imagine leaving the office feeling that all of your bases are covered, that some critical detail hasn’t been overlooked, and that you have a clear sense of priorities and actions to pick up with when you return to work the next day. Learn how to be more efficient with your time and more productive overall!

Mindfulness – Based Stress Reduction**  If you have significant life stressors, such as chronic illness, anxiety, depression, conflicted relationships, or a sense of dissatisfaction, this class is for you. It is not the stressors in our lives, but rather how we respond to them. Learn the simple practice of focusing on the present moment and cultivating stillness of mind and body. During this seminar, participants will be led through some quiet meditation exercises.

Mining Mistakes** One thing we all have in common is that we are mistake makers. There is a significant difference in how people think, learn and communicate about the mistakes they make. In this session, participants will become aware of their beliefs regarding mistakes and mistake making, challenging false beliefs regarding mistakes, and understand their response when they make a mistake.

Personal Power: Taking Responsibility** This seminar will present to the participants that they are free to choose their response to any situation based on their values or can respond ineffectively based on their feelings, moods, or circumstances. Participants will see how they create their own future based on which of these two choices they make.

Primer on Spirit at Work**  What is all this talk about spirit at work and food for your soul? The words grounding, centering, mindfulness and passion will be explained in relation to stress reduction at home and work.

Quick Ideas to Manage Your Time** Managing schedules has become an all-consuming chore, leaving you so stressed out that your relationships and job performance suffer. You can solve this problem with real life tested solutions to the time crunch we all face every day. Join us to learn how you can manage your time efficiently and effectively.

Recognizing and Valuing Differences in Daily Life** In this class, participants will discover strategies for openness and acceptance for the multitude of differences we encounter every day. We will explore the 5R’s for enhancing the potential to value differences.

  • Reality-the reality of where differences exist in our lives
  • Responses-how we respond to those differences
  • Results-what results we are experiencing based on our responses
  • Reasons-what are the reasons for valuing differences
  • Reaping Rewards-what rewards will be gained by valuing differences

Join us as we explore ways to grow when differences of all kinds are present.

Self-Care: Do You Make Your Priority List** Is your list of things you must get done and people you must take care of a mile long, but you don’t make the list? To take care of others, you must take care of yourself first. In this class you will learn simple choices you can make each day to nourish your body and your mind. You will create a plan for creating the balance in your life so your health and your happiness will thrive.

Self-Image: Self-image is a very important part of who we are and how we see ourselves. Self-image can be affected by several areas such as our body image, environment, job status and financial status. This seminar will help participants analyze their self-image and determine if it being a positive or negative influence on their day-to-day activities.

Seven Habits of Happy, Healthy and Effective People** Based on Steven Covey’s national bestseller, Seven Habits of Happy and Effective People, this seminar will apply seven time-tested habits to the demands of life. Discover how to replace old patterns of self-defeating behavior with new patterns and habits of effectiveness and happiness. We will discuss:

  • Balancing Personal and Professional Effectiveness
  • ”Paradigm” Shifts as they relate to Work and Family
  • Perceptions of Productivity, Time Management, and Positive Thinking

 Simple Living: Clear Clutter and Organize Your Home** Join us as we explore practical tips to give you more space, time and energy for the people and activities you care about. Strategies for simplifying your life, getting rid of clutter, and organizing your home will be shared. Participants will have more time and energy for their priorities and their homes will become more relaxing and restoring places.

Simple Time Management** Do you feel like you never have enough time? Does it feel like there isn’t enough time for the things that really matter to you? Do you wish you had more time in your life, or would you like to put more life in your time? Created by popular demand from my students and based on the principals of simple living and time management, this seminar will focus on simple time management techniques that will help you simplify your personal life. Find time you didn’t know you had, learn to prioritize the time you do have, and perceive your time in a new way.

Speak So They’ll Listen** The meaning of communication is in the way it is received, so are you sure your target audience is on the same wavelength as you? Using practical exercises and examples you’ll learn how to get your point across for maximum effect. You’ll also examine the multiple ways we communicate non-verbally, and how to manage the whole package.

Stress Management: Stress occurs when life’s demands seem too heavy. You feel anxious and tense and may be aware that your heart is beating faster. A certain amount of stress in our lives is unavoidable and a little may even be good for us. Too much stress, however, is harmful. There are many techniques that can be used to manage stress in your life and to cope with stress that you can’t avoid. Deep breathing, meditation, stretching your muscles, improving your diet, increasing your exercise, and learning to relax can help you manage stress.

Stress Self Defense – Tai Chi and More** In the West our major opponent is stress. It is estimated that over 80% of diseases in America are stress related. Research has shown that “moving meditations” provide physiological and psychological benefits. Learn simplified movement techniques — drawn from the soft martial art of T’ai Chi — you can apply in your daily life to enhance health, improve performance, and reduces stress. These techniques develop your inner power for daily life. Learn a simple 5 -10 minute T’ai Chi mini practice that, if done regularly, will become a powerful tool in eliminating stress and balancing life’s ups and downs.

Successful Juggling of Work and Home** Our lives are spent more and more on the circumference of life, which is characterized by a hectic pace and overwhelming expectation of others. Balance is not possible if we are living on the circumference. Moving from the circumference to our Center, we can discover our true purpose stemming from our authentic identity. Participants will assess where they are spending time on what is important and what is not important. We will learn a six-step process, which enhances balance in their lives by focusing on their true purpose and what is important.

The 5 Languages of Apology** This seminar is based on the book, The 5 Languages of Apology, by Dr. Gary Chapman. Understanding how to apologize with sincerity and clarity is vital to healthy relationships between coworkers, clients, family and friends. We hear and express the words and gestures of apology in a distinct language. This seminar will identify the languages of apology and detail proven techniques for giving and receiving effective apologies. The 5 languages of apology that will be addressed are; express regret, accept responsibility, make restitution, genuinely repent, and request forgiveness. You will walk away knowing immediate ways to begin clearing the way toward healing and sustaining all your vital relationships.

The Frame: See-Feel-Do-Get** This seminar will present the Basic Change Model of See-Feel-Do-Get, one of the cornerstones for H.O.P.E. (How Our Potential Explodes.) Through stories and activities participants will discover how we see things incomplete and how to see things differently in order to get different results. Leave the seminar with an applicable tool by which you can see situations or relationships differently, in order to create a better experience for yourself and get the results you most desire.

The Happiness Effect: What It Is and How to Get It** You’ve heard about how stress can negatively affect your body both physically and mentally. Reverse the effects of stress by evoking the healing response of adding more joy into your day. See how this helps your health, your mood, your relationships, and your energy and learn quick tips to inject more happiness into your day.

The Law of Attraction: Creating the Life That You Deserve** This seminar will discuss the law of attraction including what it is, how it works, and tools to apply it in your life. We will address applying the law of attraction to all areas of your life; such as work, relationships, finances, etc…If you want more for yourself in life but unsure of how to create it then this is the seminar for you.

The “New Biology” and What it Means for Your Health** This talk is based on cutting edge research in cell biology which is shattering our previous notions of how the body operates and provides clues for further improving our health. Dr. Kriva looks at what the research is saying and explains it in a way that is understandable. He then lays out the implications for the listeners in terms of long term maintenance of health. This talk has the power to forever change old views of health and empower the listeners to make better decisions regarding their own health in the future.

The Power of Laughter** Could you incorporate more laughter into your life? Laughter affects human physiology by reducing pain, strengthening our immune system and decreasing stress. Learn some simple tools and laugh a little along the way. Increasing humor helps put life’s trials and tribulations into perspective and allows us to take ourselves less seriously. By attending this seminar, you will learn simple tools to laugh along the way, understand the importance of laughter and see how humor can be the curative our ancestors professed it to be.

The Seven Keys to Unlocking Your Potential: Overcoming Obstacles and Getting Results – WEBINAR ONLY** Are you ready to overcome your obstacles and unlock your potential? This program will challenge participants to implement “The Seven Keys to Unlock Personal Potential.” Michelle will help individuals unlock the keys of self discovery and evaluation; create a powerful life vision, plan for the future and set goals; learn how to embrace accountability and measure progress; commit to life long learning habits and discover the value of celebrating oneself. This program offers real-life solutions to living a life you love and getting the results you want!

Unknown Barriers Sabotaging Your Health** You know the common barriers to getting healthy: time, energy, tools. This presentation is different. During this presentation we will cover barriers that people don’t even know are there. We will cover how these overlooked barriers can sabotage your health and weight loss goals. Becoming aware is the first step in getting beyond them and getting closer to your goals.

U-R-Awesome! Being Positive in a Negative World – WEBINAR ONLY** In this dynamic, content rich presentation, participants will be challenged to stop the negative and start the positive. Attendees will be inspired to make a positive impact in their organization right now. Communication is the key to success. Through stories and humor, individuals will be inspired to implement simple, yet powerful communication techniques. These techniques are designed to build confidence, change attitudes and transform company culture. And the best part is once individuals learn the U-R-Awesome! Power Tools, they’ll leave ready to make an impact.

 Wellness Apps: With the increasing popularity of smartphones, mobile “apps” have become a commonplace in our society. However, with all the apps available, it’s difficult to weed through which ones are the best for you. This seminar will help you understand the most popular fitness, nutrition and wellness apps on the market, what they are used for and how they can help you meet your wellness goals.

What’s It All About? Complementary Self-Care Disciplines** More and more Americans are becoming interested in complementary self-care disciplines of the East. However, many are plunging into these approaches with little or no understanding of what they are all about. Do you know? As health care professionals it is important to be educated these different disciplines. Gain an understanding about T’ai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, Feng Shui, conscious breathing techniques and meditation. Learn about their similarities and differences. Learn what to look for in a practitioner or instructor. Experience a sampling of these disciplines.

Who’s Space Is It Anyway?** Many of us spend at least eight hours a day at work. You may not be able to choose or design the building you work in, but you probably are in a position that you can make some minor changes, in the space in which you work, that will make your workspace and workday more pleasant and productive. Learn the Six Common Sense Feng Shui Tips for energizing your own space for better job satisfaction and success.

What We See Is What We Get** Effective people understand the influence “seeing” has on the results they get from relationships, situations or work. They know the limitations to their “seeing” and how to expand their “seeing.” Consequently, they take more responsibility for the results they ultimately attain. They are valuable team members because of a new vision they bring to problem solving. In this session, we will realize the power of seeing in influencing the results we get in any situation, realize the presence of blind spots in all of their seeing, learn three ways to reduce blind spots, and how to take more responsibility and eliminate blaming for the results we attain.

Work/Life Balance: The “Fragile” Juggling Act** Do you seek to find balance or “calm” in the middle of chaos without breaking down? Information in this seminar may surprise you. Find out how we have arrived at this state as managers, supervisors, exempt employees, nonexempt employees, individuals and family members. Discover ideas and tips, which enable one to improve personal balance at home and at work. Apply the expertise already developed in one area of your life to other areas.

Work-Life Success/ Get Organized to Reach Your Goals!** Are you always busy, overwhelmed or never quite get round to those projects that can really move you in the direction of your dreams? Look no further. This practical workshop will introduce you to systems, schedules, tools and resources to make a real difference over the next 12 months and beyond.

12 Health Myths That Even Your Doctor May Not Know**  This talk takes a look at 12 common health myths even many doctors believe. Dr. Kriva looks at what current research is telling us and provides you with information you can use to make better informed decisions regarding your health. He takes on topics as varied as fluoride in the water and tooth decay, the use of sunscreen and the incidence of skin cancer and the ever popular and controversial topic of vaccinations. Be prepared to be surprised and leave better equipped to take care of your health.