Top 5 new workplace wellness challenges for spring / summer!

Spring is here! Unthaw your employee wellness program with an exciting wellness challenge! AdvantageHealth has several newly designed wellness challenges that can be customized for your organizational needs. Here’s what you need to know:
  • NOT YOUR AVERAGE CHALLENGE. The wellness challenges we have created reach far beyond physical fitness and address total well-being backed by the latest research. Challenges are the perfect way to infuse healthy habits into your worksite while building engagement, resilience and even team building! Challenges last 4 – 12 weeks.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED! All challenges include customization, tracking card, promotional materials, education materials, plus a follow-up evaluation of your program. AdvantageHealth can also provide weekly administrative support.
Choose from the wellness challenges below or let us create something custom for you!
1. NEW! Stress Less (7-week challenge): Experts estimate that between 75 and 90% of all doctors’ visits are for stress-related conditions. But there are proven ways to combat stress. Participants will learn breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga stretches, meditation, exercise, planning your life and organizing your work space in this challenge. Read more.
2. NEW! Wellness Survivor (8 or 12-week challenge): Most of us are stuck in a state of simply surviving. Not thriving. Eating on the go, stressing out at work, fueling up on caffeine, siting in front of the TV at night. Repeat. This challenge will offer participants new opportunities that can turn into healthy habits while participants try to stay on Resilience Island!
3. NEW! Happy & Healthy (21-day challenge): Participants learn proven ways to improve their moods and raise levels of happiness throughout the day. Each activity listed in this 21-day challenge not only provides a quick boost of positive emotions, improving participants performance and focus in the moment; but if performed habitually over time, each has been shown to help permanently raise participants happiness baselines.
4. NEW! The Amazing Race To Wellness (6-week challenge): Participants receive 3 wellness challenges to complete each week. Weekly themes include healthy eating, physical activity, social wellness, happiness & joy, stress management and emotional well-being. Answer questions / clues correctly each week for additional points.

5. Back by popular demand! Dog Days of Summer (team-based challenge): Teams of four compete to earn points based on exercise, proper nutrition, sleep, and other healthy behaviors during the summer months. Participants keep track of points on their tracking card each week that can be earned through recreational activity, and exercises such as aerobics and strength training.


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Do you have an idea for a wellness challenge? Let AdvantageHealth design it for you!

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Kristine Keykal, Co-Founder & CEO of AdvantageHealth, has been helping businesses create custom, award-winning corporate wellness programs for over 20 years.