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UMASS Medical School – Albert Sherman Center

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The University of Massachusetts Medical School, located in Worcester, MA, opened the brand new, state-of-the-art Albert Sherman Center Fitness Center in April 2013.  UMASS selected AdvantageHealth Corporation as the management company to assist them in the selection of equipment, layout and pre-opening procedures.  AdvantageHealth continues to oversee the daily operations of the fitness center which includes membership sales, onsite staff, group exercise classes, personal training, wellness programs and much more.  There are currently over 1,600 fitness center members and membership continues to increase each year.  AdvantageHealth is proud to be part of UMASS’s mission to provide the resources to empower individuals to live longer, healthier lives and to enhance the culture of wellness at UMASS for both students and staff.

AdvantageHealth has managed UMASS Medical School’s fitness center for the past three years.  The staff is very knowledgeable, member focused and very professional. Membership continues to rise every year, beating my expectations.  AdvantageHealth is very in-tune and oversees the Medical School’s wellness program not only for members, but also for the surrounding community. Between personal training, group exercise classes and wellness challenges, they certainly keep members engaged and wanting more.  AdvantageHealth has the ability to think outside the box and come up with new programs that excite everyone.

Bill T., Director of Auxilliary Services, UMASS Medical School

Check out the UMASS Medical School’s Albert Sherman Fitness Center website HERE.

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