Branding, Design & Marketing

Does your corporate wellness program need a name, tagline or logo or a refresh of its brand identity? Our services include branded templates for flyers and PowerPoints to custom brochures, postcards, websites and more.

Fitness Center Mgmt

AdvantageHealth understands the diverse needs of our Fitness Center clients, including: property managers/owners, universities / higher education and corporations. We can take you from conceptualization and visioning through the grand opening and beyond with continued staffing, management, and consulting.

Wellness Screenings

AdvantageHealth professionals stress prevention. Our formula is to identify health risks as early as possible using a variety of discovery and assessment techniques. The results are kept confidential, shared only with the individual and AdvantageHealth professionals. Check out all of our wellness screenings and assessments.


Wellness Programs

AdvantageHealth understands the importance of targeting high risk behaviors through coaching and other wellness programs. We also realize that organizations require various modes of delivery for programming — check out our onsite, online, phone based and direct mail targeted behavior change options.


Wellness Seminars

AdvantageHealth seminars allow employees to interact with specialists on popular topics. Choose from over 200 seminars that are presented by a variety of health professionals, coordinated to accommodate your schedule and needs. Webinar format is also available.


Group Exercise

Employees with common fitness goals enjoy doing group exercise together or participating in biking, running, or walking clubs. Led by certified instructors, participants have fun while they build healthy and resilient bodies. We can customize a class just for your group!


Specialty Programs

A comprehensive wellness program includes a wide variety of programs and services to attract your entire population. Let us assist you with providing these unique areas. including: CPR / AED training, ergonomic evaluations, health fairs, Just Step! walking program, and more!


Program Consulting

AdvantageHealth offers consulting on designing a employee wellness program for your business and your budget. As your best-in-class resource for employee health promotion programming, we design each program based on our client’s business plan and culture, and then implement, manage and evaluate it throughout its existence.

Wellness Portals

Wellness portals offer employees a confidential place to log health and fitness information, learn about wellness topics, interact with other employees in a motivating way, as well as allow for back-end reporting. Portals also allow us to manage wellness challenges at geographically diverse populations.

Incentive Campaigns

Incentive campaigns & wellness challenges are designed to create awareness around healthy behaviors, while providing rewards. Typically 4–12 weeks in length, these powerful programs target risk areas such as physical activity, weight management, stress, and nutrition. Check out our extensive offerings.

Choose Your Path

Considering a wellness program for your business but not sure where to start? We provide three great starting points to help you evaluate your options and map out the best path to a healthier, more productive workplace.