Introducing 2 NEW Employee Wellness Challenges!

AdvantageHealth Corporation has recently designed and introduced two new employee wellness challenges / incentive campaigns into their current program offerings for worksites. These mini-challenges (3 – 4 weeks) will keep employees engaged the entire time as they work to reduce sugary drinks or take steps to improve their self-care and healthcare consumerism. Below is a quick summary of the two challenges.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED! All challenges include customization, tracking card, promotional materials, education materials, plus a follow-up evaluation of your program. AdvantageHealth can also provide weekly administrative support.

Contact Kristine Keykal to find out how you can implement these challenges at your organization.

NEW in 2017! Rethink Your Drink (4 weeks): During this challenge, you will track your current drinking habits for the first week to discover how healthy or unhealthy they are. For the following three weeks, you will learn about the hidden calories and sugars in drinks and how to replace them with healthier drink options. You will be challenged to cut your sugary beverages in half for three weeks. VIEW / PRINT FLYER


NEW in 2017! Self-Care Bingo (3 weeks): Self-Care is what you can do for yourself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to maintain health, treat minor ailments and manage chronic disease. It includes these seven pillars: health literacy, self awareness, physical activity, healthy eating, risk avoidance, good hygiene, and optimal use of products and services. Self-Care Bingo will help you take active steps to improve your overall well-being and healthcare consumerism. VIEW / PRINT FLYER

Contact Kristine Keykal today! View all of AdvantageHealth’s wellness challenges / incentive campaigns. 

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Kristine Keykal, Co-Founder & CEO of AdvantageHealth, has been helping businesses create custom, award-winning corporate wellness programs for over 20 years.