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Why AdvantageHealth Corporation?

For one thing, it’s our award-winning programs. What do you get when you combine results-oriented wellness programs with the highest level of service and 17 years of experience? AWARD-WINNING PROGRAMS and HAPPY, REPEAT CLIENTS!

AdvantageHealth is a respected source for results-oriented employee wellness programs, not only locally in Minnesota, but also throughout the U.S. We work with clients of all sizes and manage a variety of national, award-winning health promotion programs and fitness centers. MEET OUR TEAM that will deliver the very best to you, again and again and again. You can even check out our  VISION and MISSION to see if it aligns with what you are looing for in a wellness partner.

We believe anything “cookie-cutter” belongs in a bakery. We tailor every program to meet your organization’s needs, demographic population, and budget. Our lifestyle enhancement and risk-prevention programs cut absenteeism, control healthcare costs, improve morale, and retain employees. We help our clients expand their work-life benefits and become “employers of choice” by taking an active role in supporting their population’s health.

Because “Comprehensive” is our middle name. OK, it’s really not, but it should be! AdvantageHealth can assist you in providing all areas of wellness-from lifestyle coaching, yoga classes and massage therapy, to an onsite employee fitness center with motivating incentive campaigns, comprehensive fitness assessments and professional staff. Check out all of our comprehensive WELLNESS SERVICES.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with creating a wellness program, check out our streamlined starting points to creating a customized wellness program: Path 1: CONCISE, Path 2: TARGETED, and Path 3: COMPREHENSIVE.

Giving Back. AdvantageHealth is dedicated to giving back and making a difference in our community and beyond. We donate to the following organizations:

  • Smart Challenge Ride (Bethlehem Academy)
  • World Vision
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • YMCA Twin Cities
  • The Humane Society

Are you ready to take the next steps? Email AdvantageHealth to get started.

If the program you are looking for is not listed as you peruse our site, please contact us and we will customize a program for you.

Welcome to AdvantageHealth!

~Mike Olson & Kristine Keykal, Co-Founders